Creative Branding Tips | Don’t Just Blog It… Brand It! 6 Steps To Effectively Branding Your Blog

Creative Branding Tips | Don’t Just Blog It... Brand It! 6 Steps

Creative Branding Tips | Whether you like it or not, you have a brand. You are a brand. Simply put, your brand is what comes to mind when someone hears or sees your name. One thing’s certain: branding should never be an afterthought. Instead of thinking through their blog’s brand, many bloggers design their website, and create content without thinking about the image they want to present. By contrast, business owners often just extend their company’s branding to their blog, overlooking the opportunity to improve their brand.

Creative Branding Tips | Website Design –

You brand yourself every day: What you say and do, how you say it, who you are – people either remember you or they don’t. It comes through in your messaging, in your website content, in your social media posts, at trade shows, when you speak at conferences, and in your internal meetings. If your branding, however, doesn’t match what people feel about your brand, things can go off the rails. Your website and your blog are no exception! Since you already have an idea and a concept, you’re most likely ready to take the next step. Turn your website into a brand, and boost your career by following these simple steps.

Who Is Your Audience? | Creative Branding Tips

Let’s go back to life 101: no one cares about you; at least not as much as you think they do. Most business owners end up building websites to show off how large or successful they are. While all of that is good, it’s just doesn’t matter that much. Focus on designing and maintaining a website for your readers, visitors, or clients. Who is your target audience? Who do you want reading your blog? How do find those people and bring them to your website?

Creative Branding Tips | Don’t Just Blog It... Brand It! 6 Steps

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Logo Design Is Essential | Creative Branding Tips

Coca Cola, Nike, Mercedes, McDonald’s – when you hear these words you can automatically picture their logos in your mind. There’s no overstating the importance of a great logo for branding. Branding is about taking one concept: a logo, a tagline or color scheme and weaving it throughout everything you do. Think about how you can brand your website, social media profiles, collateral, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, and emails with your brand colors and logo.

What’s In A Name? | Creative Branding Tips

Make sure your blog name and URL are relevant to your business profile. In addition to conveying your brand, your blog’s name sets the tone for your blog and has search implications. Among the questions to consider are: Is your blog’s name related to your business, or product? Will you include search-friendly terms in the name? Your brand name should be easy to remember, pronounced over the phone, and should be the same as your URL. While options such as and Blogger are available for free, it’s highly recommended to start using your own domain.

Why Should You Brand Your Blog? | Creative Branding Tips

If you want to stand out as being an expert, then you need to build a brand that has meaning and reflects a certain feel. Branding your website and your blog will make clear to your visitors what you are all about. You want them to be able to put into words what your business is all about. Otherwise how could they ever want to share your website with others, or subscribe if they can’t describe what your blog is about. Engage your visitors, and be sure to give them something of value to keep them coming back for more. Remember, high quality content is greatly appreciated by search engines as well.

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Creative Branding Tips | Don’t Just Blog It... Brand It! 6 Steps

Your Website’s Functionality Can Break You Or Make You | Creative Branding Tips

The functionality of your website has to be flawless, because if it is slow to load or too difficult to navigate, your visitors will not wait – they’ll click off if they aren’t viewing usable content in a split second. A good website loads quickly, has clean organization and navigation, and no guesswork is involved in finding where your contact information is listed.

Creative Branding Tips | Website Design –

How Can You Develop a Tone of Voice? | Creative Branding Tips

Equally important to the visual elements of a website is the actual content. You will have to determine the tone of voice of your blog early on and be consistent. Think about how you want your blog to engage, and be perceived. This is revealed in the content you create, as well as how you interact with others on your blog and other related social media platforms. If you’re aiming at a business-oriented audience, you should stick with a very professional and dry tone, whereas if you are aiming for a funny entertainment website you will want to remain lighthearted and entertaining.

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