Creative Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Meet These Marketing Rules? 8 Steps To Creating Brochures That Sell

Creative Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Meet...

Creative Brochure Design Tips | Printed brochures are a powerful way to promote your business and reach new audience. Brochures provide potential clients with important information about a new product or service, provide insight into your business, and give clients something tangible to see, feel and take with them. An effective brochure clearly and concisely outlines what a business is about and what it has to offer. A badly designed brochure only confuses, frustrates and chases potential clients into the welcoming arms of the competition.

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A powerful brochure boosts credibility by conveying important messages about the value of your product or service. It helps to build your brand, and positions you as a legitimate business in the minds of potential clients and business partners. Print brochures can be an effective tool in your marketing collateral arsenal, but there are several things to think about before you start having brochures printed up.

Know Your Audience | Creative Brochure Design Tips

What kind of brand are you trying to build? Who is your brochure for? What tone and style would appeal to them? It’s vital that you know who your target audience is. For example, a tri-fold or z-fold brochure will not be the best choice for luxury products that require lots of white space and big images. You will chose one of those narrow formats when you want to present documents that are easy to hand out.

Creative Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Meet...

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Plan Your Cover | Creative Brochure Design Tips

The front cover should be visually appealing and provide enough content to invite the reader to open the brochure and read more. If your brochure cover doesn’t instantly catch their eye and pique their interest, they won’t open and read the rest of the brochure. To grab the attention of your target audience, combine a visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your clients.

Know Your Print Size | Creative Brochure Design Tips

One of the most common mistakes made by those who design their own brochures, and one of the most challenging to do right, is the setup size for the brochure. All too often, a print layout has to be returned to the client because it wasn’t setup for the proper output size.

Know Your Resolution | Creative Brochure Design Tips

Nothing makes it more difficult to take a business seriously than amateurish graphics. Give your brochure a professional edge with high-quality, appealing images and graphics. The images you see on your computer monitor are only 72 dpi (dots-per-inch), which is fine for viewing on a monitor, but very inadequate for a professional-looking printed brochure. Your images should be at least 300 dpi to print clearly with full sharpness.

Know Your Fonts | Creative Brochure Design Tips

You don’t need many fonts when you’re thinking of how to design a brochure – just a heading, subheading and body copy font. Don’t get stuck using the fonts that shipped with your software. Everybody has those fonts, and you don’t want your brochure to look like everyone else’s. Look around the internet for a variety of free, unique fonts you can use to make your brochure stand out from the crowd and look very professional at the same time.

Know Your Stock | Creative Brochure Design Tips

Design isn’t only about nicely designed pages, but also about the physical product that people will hold in their hands. Brochure printing can sound somewhat boring, but if you know printing techniques well, it can seriously boost your design. It’s really your choice in the end, but a 100lb stock is surprisingly more substantial than 80lb stock paper without a huge cost difference. Using a heavier paper may convince a potential client that you are more professional than your competitors.

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Creative Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Meet...

Know Your Message | Creative Brochure Design Tips

Great copy is often the most undervalued element in brochure design. A lot of people don’t understand that copy has to be considered as part of the overall design concept. Focus on what interests your target audience in a concise manner, and they’ll come away with the right understanding of what you can offer them and how you’ll do it. It’s OK to be proud of your business, but not at the expense of cluttering your brochure with irrelevant information.

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Know Your Call To Action | Creative Brochure Design Tips

The main goal of a brochure is to move people to the next phase of the sales cycle. Do you want them to visit your website? Pick up the phone and call to schedule a meeting? Don’t assume your audience will be moved to contact you or purchase your product or services after they read your well-crafted brochure. An effective brochure should include a call to action, such as an offer for a free product sample or a free estimate or gift.

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