Creative Logo Designs | Building Memorable Brand Experiences: 5 Must-Haves For A Successful Logo

Creative Logo Designs | Building Memorable Brand Experie...

Creative Logo Designs | A logo should be designed for instant recognition, inspiring trust, and boosting client loyalty. The logo is one of the most important elements of a company’s brand identity, and its shapes, fonts, colors, and images usually are different from others in the industry or niche. Whether you’re an online retailer or have a downtown brick and mortar store, a killer logo can make your company’s name stick in the mind of your potential clients and boost your visibility. How unique is your business logo? Does it make you stand out from the crowd or does your business get lost among your competitors?

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Most new small business owners are involved in every step of getting their business off the ground and, like with all other areas of their new business, they want to be as hands-on as possible. You can always hire an outside designer to help out, but if you are working with a limited budget, that may not be an option. Over the past few years, we’ve given a lot of advice about logo design. Best practices to follow. Mistakes to avoid. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind as you design the most important part of your company’s identity.

Tell Your Story | Creative Logo Designs

You want the whole world to know you are here and tell them more about your business. Write down the message you want your logo to convey. The goal of any logo is to give visual representation of your company’s identity. Knowing exactly what you want to express to clients is vital when designing a logo, particularly for a small business. Incorporating the graphic into the riddle of ‘what does my business sell’ will be easier for those companies that actually offer a physical product. Businesses that offer a service, on the other hand, might have to be a bit more innovative, or simply fall back on the text and make the graphic more symbolic than explicit.

Creative Logo Designs | Building Memorable Brand Experie...

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Make The Logo Readable | Creative Logo Designs

While there are some abstract logos, like the Chevron V’s or the Nike swoosh, that are instantly recgonizable, that’s because they’ve been around forever. Incorporating some small textual elements is not a bad idea, as long as they don’t overshadow the rest of the design. Choosing the right font is also critical as font can change the impression that your logo makes. The point of having a logo is to make your company or product name stick in the client’s mind, and that can only happen if the potential client can actually read it.

Keep It Professional | Creative Logo Designs

You don’t need a logo with a complex design, wide array of colors, or tons of fonts. Keep the design simple and professional. Remember, you are trying to appeal to your potential clients, not turn them off. If you can’t explain why an element is a part of your logo design, the chances are you need to remove it from the overall piece. When your logo design is at its simplest, it’s probably at its strongest. We’re talking about clean, bold lines without too many complex elements to distract the eye or detract from the effect of the logo.

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Creative Logo Designs | Building Memorable Brand Experie...

Think In Color | Creative Logo Designs

An effective logo is easily recognizable at a glance, both in color and in black and white, as well as in any size. If your logo design relies on color to convey meaning, think about how you can communicate that meaning when the color is removed. Your logo should work inverted as well – with varying dark and light backgrounds. Sticking with two basic colors will keep your logo versatile, and the printing costs low. From business cards to apparel, you’ll print your logo on a lot of items. The more colors in the logo, the more expensive it is to print.

Creative Logo Designs | Website Design –

Once You Have Your Logo, Don’t Mess With It | Creative Logo Designs

Unless you’re Google, you shouldn’t change, update, or tweak your logo design too often. As your clients see your logo more and more, they’ll come to recognize and remember what you do and what your business stands for. Good branding is all about do things consistently. Your logo is your company’s brand, so why would you invest all of the time and energy necessary to boost the recognizability of that logo if you aren’t going to use it on everything? The color palette you chose can be used to design your website, and the graphic portion can lend itself to a minimalist design if and when you decide to ditch the textual element.

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