Creative Photography Business Cards | Vital Design Tips For Creating Engaging Business Cards That Get You Hired!

Creative Photography Business Cards | Vital Design Tips For Creati...

Creative Photography Business Cards | Networking should be one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. Not only is it actually healthy for you (we are all social beings, after all), but it will help you boost your business. You’re meeting potential clients on a daily basis, as well as potential business partners – people you want to stay in touch with! And at the core of business networking are business cards – seemingly tiny pieces of paper that can do wonders for your photography business.

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However, not all business cards are created equal. We live in a time when you can download a cheap template, enter your information and have a stack of business cards printed for less than $20. Considering your business card will oftentimes be the very first contact your potential clients have with your business, what impression will they get if you decide to go cheap? To help you make sure you leave the best impression possible on your potential clients, we gathered some of the most effective design tips that will turn your business cards into an art piece! Let’s dive right in!

Sort Out The Basics | Creative Photography Business Cards

The main goal of a business card is to provide your potential clients with the most important contact details. There are creative and interesting business cards that feature just a phone number, or a website address, which might spark interest, but are more likely to end up in the trash can instead. In order to get the most out of your business card, you’ll need to include all of the most important contact details you think your potential clients will find useful.

Creative Photography Business Cards | Vital Design Tips For Creati...

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So, what’s most important? Your name should definitely be there, as well as your phone number and email address. You will also want to include the name of your business, or your logo at least. Of course, if you’re using social media networks to promote your photography business, you’ll want to consider including the relevant links as well. Keep in mind, though, that there’s a limited space on your business card so you’ll want to make sure you don’t clutter up the design with too many details.

Size Matters | Creative Photography Business Cards

No matter what you might have heard, there’s no denying that size is important. Think about it: the average business card measures only 3.5 x 2 inches, and wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this particular size. If you choose to make your business card larger to make it stand out or to fit more information, your potential clients will not be able to easily store it, so your business card might end up in the trash the moment the meeting is over. There are plenty of ways you can make your business card stand out, and going with an unusual size or shape is not the best one!

Show Them What You’re Made Of | Creative Photography Business Cards

Making your business card consistent with your other branded materials is a great way to boost brand exposure and help your potential clients remember you better. Whether it’s the color scheme, the fonts, or a graphic, you should try and include a common element tying together all of your materials, so it’s obvious they all came from the same source when you lay them on a desk next to each other. Not sure what to use? You can always opt for a more visual solution, like using one or more of your images as the background. Just make sure there’s enough contrast between the image background and the information to ensure perfect readability.

Stand Out For All The Right Reasons | Creative Photography Business Cards

You’re a part of an incredibly creative industry – and you’ll want every piece of your stationery to show that, including your business cards. While you’ll want to stick with the standard size, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make your business card stand out and instantly grab a potential client’s attention. Consider adding interesting elements, such as gold foil, or using an unusual material, such as transparent plastic. Whenever we design business cards for our clients, though, we warn them that plastic is very hard to write on, which might affect the effectiveness, as many people jot down additional information on business cards.

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Creative Photography Business Cards | Vital Design Tips For Creati...

Link The Physical And Digital | Creative Photography Business Cards

While business cards have been around for ages, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to bring them into the 21st century. Including a QR code, for example, is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your card. These are neat little graphics that can be programmed to do pretty much anything – whether it’s saving your contact details into the phone book, or opening your portfolio website right on the spot! And the best part is that they can be tweaked to perfectly match your other branded materials.

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Get The Best Paper Your Budget Allows | Creative Photography Business Cards

As mentioned before, your potential clients will start forming an opinion of you and your business the moment you hand them your business card, so you need to make sure you’ve covered everything. What many photographers underestimate is the paper quality. However, your business card is a lot like a handshake, and no one likes a limp handshake. If your business card gets dented or torn easily, it will do more damage to your business than good.

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