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Creative Photography Logo Hacks | Ready To Take Your Photography ...

Creative Photography Logo Hacks | Not so long ago, starting a photography business was a much more difficult undertaking. However, in the last few years, the equipment has become more affordable than ever, and it’s never been easier to use. This is great news, because pretty much everyone passionate about the art of taking stunning photos can get their hands on some money and start their own business. The bad news, however, is that the photography industry is becoming an increasingly saturated one and standing out from the crowd is turning out to be a lot more challenging than actually starting a business.

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Since you can’t rely solely on your talent to stand out from the crowd or the equipment you use, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from all the other photographers in your area or your particular niche. This is where branding comes into play to save the day. However, as powerful as it may be, it can also be one of the most confusing aspects of business, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. Remember, your logo is far from being your entire brand. However, it’s a crucial element that will affect every other element. To help you kick off your branding efforts, we put together a list of our favorite logo design tips that will enable you to sort out the backbone of your brand and the face of your business, creating a solid foundation for your future brand. Let’s check them out!

Know Whose Attention You’re Trying To Attract | Creative Photography Logo Hacks

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to take some time to determine whose attention you’re trying to attract. At the end of the day, a logo that appeals to brides to be won’t do you any good if your target audience are high-school students, regardless how well it was done. There are countless logos trying to grab the attention of your target audience, so you need to know who they are in terms of age, gender, location, and even financial and marital status in order to come up with a design that will catch their eye, as each demographic has slightly different preferences.

Creative Photography Logo Hacks | Ready To Take Your Photography ...

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Know Yourself | Creative Photography Logo Hacks

A logo is a simple piece of graphic design and it’s used to represent a business, organization, or an individual. However, logos can do a lot more than that – they can create an emotional bond between your photography business and your clients, convey the nature of your business, or boost brand awareness. However, before you paste the name of your business next to a random shape, do your homework and determine what it is that you’re trying to communicate.

For example, the colors, and even the shapes you use will tell potential clients a lot about your business. So, is your brand laid-back or formal? Modern and edgy, or classic and traditional? All these, and many other characteristics can be convey, and usually are, whether you like it or. Remember, it’s a lot better idea to come up with something that ties together the entire brand and accurately represents it than to come up with an overly trendy logo that’s not related to your brand or the industry you’re in.

Be Careful When Playing With Colors | Creative Photography Logo Hacks

Color is a designer’s best friend – it can not only convey a particular message to your potential and existing clients, but it can help your logo stand out from the crowd and grab their attention. However, when not used right, color can render your logo practically useless. While your new logo may look absolutely stunning on your computer screen, keep in mind that there are applications and materials that allow only certain color scheme, or print everything in white and black.

If you rely solely on color to convey a particular message, you’ll need to figure out how to convey the same message even when the color is removed. This is why we play around in black first. This allows us to focus on the design itself and make sure we get it just right before we move onto playing with color. You’re far less likely to get distracted by color and all the different shades if you leave color for the end, and it will help you ensure the design is effective even when the color is removed.

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Creative Photography Logo Hacks | Ready To Take Your Photography ...

Include The Name Of Your Business | Creative Photography Logo Hacks

There are companies that use just the name of the business in a stylized font as their logo. There are also companies that use a graphic and the name of the business. Then, there are quite a few companies that use just a graphic for their logo, such as Twitter and Starbucks. Which way should you go? You should definitely include the name of your business in your logo. Remember, Twitter and Starbucks dropped the name after spending endless amounts of money and time on marketing and raising brand awareness, and if you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t have that kind of money to invest in marketing.

Creative Photography Logo Hacks | Website Design –

Including the name of your business is vitally important, but make sure you pay special attention to the fonts you use. Not only do they need to be appropriate for the nature of your brand, but they need to be readable as well, so avoid complex calligraphic fonts and stick with simple, easy-to-read fonts.

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