Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Check Out Our 5 Steps To A Fierce Photography Logo

Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Check Out Our 5 Steps To A Fier...

Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Logos are all around us! From the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you leave for work, you will have seen a few dozens of logos without even noticing it. Just think about it: from the logo on your phone when the alarm goes off, to the logo on your coffee maker, and even on your toothpaste, everything is covered in logos. The good news is that our brains learned to block out most of them. The bad news, however, is that you need to make sure your logo breaks this mental barrier and grabs the attention of your potential clients.

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There’s an entire industry behind logo design, so it shouldn’t come as surprise that designing an effective logo takes a lot more than simply pasting the name of your business next to a random shape and calling it a day. Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers knowingly cut corners when it comes to the most important representation of their businesses. The consequences can be devastating, but the good news is that they can easily be avoided, without spending a fortune, or losing your mind. Curious what it takes to create a logo that works? Read on!

Start With Sketching | Creative Photography Logo Inspiration

Whenever we design a logo for a client, we start by sketching. It’s important you fill out at least a couple of pages with sketches, because the first few ideas are always the most generic ones and have already been used countless times. Using pen and paper will allow you to let creative juices flow and focus on your idea, and it’s a lot quicker than using a computer. After all, what did you learn to use first: a computer or pen and paper? Then, when you have a few pages worth of sketches, narrow down your selection to only the best ones and go from there.

Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Check Out Our 5 Steps To A Fier...

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Leave Color For Last | Creative Photography Logo Inspiration

Another reason we prefer sketching the initial ideas is because it allows us to focus on the design itself, rather than getting distracted by color. And it can be distracting – playing around with endless color schemes and tweaking them can distract you from the design. Remember, you will use your logo on various materials and platforms, so you want to make sure your logo is just as effective when the color is removed. We achieve this by perfecting the logo in black, and only then adding the colors.

Keep Things Simple | Creative Photography Logo Inspiration

Making sure your logo is unique and stands out from the crowd is important, don’t get us wrong, but make sure it doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. What most amateurs and beginners will do when trying to make sure their logo is unique is keep adding unnecessary design elements and cheesy effects. This might even look OK on your computer screen, but when you actually print your logo on a business card, or scale it down to fit another smaller stationery item, all the intricate details and special effects will blend into a mush, turning your logo into an unrecognizable smudge.

Readability Is Vitally Important | Creative Photography Logo Inspiration

There are companies like Twitter and Starbucks that are using only a graphic to represent their brands, but these companies have been around for quite some time now, and they invested considerable amounts of money and time in building brand awareness before dropping the name from their logos. If you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t have that kind of a budget (Just yet, anyway!), so include the name of your business. Then, when your brand gains enough recognition, you can drop the name from your logo.

Another critical thing to keep in mind is readability. Now, don’t get us wrong here, we all have our favorite fonts, so it’s perfectly fine if you use it in your logo and throughout your materials. However, if the font is difficult to read, it doesn’t belong in your logo. Remember, your potential clients need to be able to read the name of your business at a single glance, so skip complex calligraphic fonts, no matter how beautiful they are. Instead, use simple, easy to read fonts.

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Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Check Out Our 5 Steps To A Fier...

Aim For Timelessness | Creative Photography Logo Inspiration

Trends come and go, and when it comes to your logo, you’ll want to avoid following the latest trends just for the sake of coming up with a trendy logo. Overly trendy logos tend to go stale a lot quicker than you think, so unless you want to end up with an outdated logo in a matter of years, or even months, come up with a design that’s an accurate representation of your brand, rather than a showcase of the latest trends. After all, you need a logo that will stay relevant for as long as you’re in business.

Creative Photography Logo Inspiration | Website Design –

This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t slightly tweak your logo every now and then. All major brands have gone through small logo redesigns over time, but only a few have managed to completely revamp their logo without facing a serious backlash from their clients. The reason for backlash is simple – your clients will remember your logo and if you completely overhaul it, you might end up confusing them or alienating them altogether. Smaller tweaks, on the other hand, will keep your logo looking fresh while maintaining the essence of your visual identity.

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