Creative Photography Logo | 5 Nifty Design Tricks To Give Your Photography Logo That Extra Punch!

Creative Photography Logo | 5 Nifty Design Tricks To Give Your...

Creative Photography Logo | A logo is defined as a combination of text and visual imagery that tells people the name of the company and creates a visual symbol that represents your business. However, logo is so much more than that – it’s the most important branding element that not only represents your photography business, but should also convey the nature of your brand, stand out in a crowded market, and leave a favorable, lasting impression on your potential clients. This is definitely not something a random combination of text and graphics can achieve.

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Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers out there cut corners when it comes to designing this vital identity piece. Think of Uber’s recent logo redesign and all the backlash they received. Remember when Gap announced a new, cleaner logo, only to revert to their original design after seeing the outraged reactions of their customers? There are countless other examples of the importance of logos, so you should definitely reconsider skimping on your branding elements. While even the best logo won’t be able to save an inferior service or product, you will want to create a simple and highly recognizable logo that your potential clients will fall in love with. After all, you don’t need to be Gap to have an effective logo your clients are passionate about.

Less Is More! | Creative Photography Logo

If you take a look at only a few of the iconic logos, you’ll notice that they all have a few things in common, no matter how unique they are. Take a look at the logos representing Nike, Apple, Target, or McDonald’s and you’ll notice they’re all incredibly simple. So simple, in fact, that you could even sketch them without looking them up! This is by no means a coincidence – a simple logo is a lot easier for a potential client to remember, which is your ultimate goal, after all.

Creative Photography Logo | 5 Nifty Design Tricks To Give Your...

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A simple logo will also be easier to use, so whether you need to blow it up to fit a roadside billboard or shrink it down and use it as a watermark on a photo, it will be just as effective. A complex logo, on the other hand, might look absolutely amazing on your computer screen, but when you scale it down to use it on your business card, it is more likely to turn into an unrecognizable smudge than to impress anyone.

Simple Is Not A Euphemism For Boring | Creative Photography Logo

Just because you should keep the design of your logo simple to ensure memorability and usability, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring logo. Think about a way you can add an interesting twist to the design without cluttering it up. This doesn’t have to be always instantly obvious – think Amazon’s arrow that not only points from A to Z to imply they handle everything, but also forms a smile. Another incredibly popular example of a simple logo with a twist is the FedEx with the letter E and X forming an arrow. This clever use of negative space implies forward movement, and more importantly, gets people talking!

Color Is Vital | Creative Photography Logo

According to a recent research, color can boost brand recognition by 80 percent. Needless to say, each color has a different meaning, which means it can also convey a particular message and tell more about your brand than you think, so you’ll want to do your research to avoid communicating a wrong message because of a simple brush stroke. Take another look at the iconic logos we discussed earlier and you’ll notice they all use solid colors instead of gradients (which can be difficult to reproduce in certain circumstances), and they’re limited to 2-3 colors max.

Can You Really Afford To Leave Out The Name Of Your Business? | Creative Photography Logo

Spoiler alert: you can’t! While there are companies that are using only graphics as their logos, such as Apple, Twitter, Shell, and Mercedes-Benz, that’s because they already spent countless amounts of time and money on marketing and branding efforts before dropping the name of the business. Chances are, your photography business doesn’t have a branding budget like Twitter does (just yet!), so you’ll want to make sure you include the name of your business in your logo, no matter how appealing the graphic is, to help your potential clients remember who you are.

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Creative Photography Logo | 5 Nifty Design Tricks To Give Your...

Don’t Expect Instant Success | Creative Photography Logo

The goal of your logo is to represent your photography business, so it’s only natural that you want your potential clients to recognize it the moment they see it. However, don’t expect that kind of results over night! It’s often said that the average consumer needs to see a logo 5-7 times before remembering it, so make sure you feature your logo on every piece of paper that leaves your office, use it as a watermark on the photos you post on social media, on your packaging, and any other item you use to boost brand awareness.

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Many photographers are tempted to tweak or completely redesign their logos if they don’t get the expected reaction right off the bat, which can be more detrimental for your brand than you might think! Any drastic change can actually alienate your existing clients that already got to know and like your logo, and it will confuse potential clients, making them think the two versions represent two different businesses. Of course, occasional tweak here and there is a good idea, but the essence of your logo should last as long as you’re in business.

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