Creative Website Designs | How to Make Sure Your Website Passes the Dreaded Blink Test

Creative Website Designs | How to Make Sure Your Website...

Creative Website Designs | To compete successfully in today’s digital landscape, having an optimized website simply isn’t enough anymore. Website design has evolved at such an extreme rate over the past ten to twenty years that it’s often hard to keep up with current trends and best practices. Every year, we see new website design elements emerge. Even though it may not be necessary to include all of them, the more you can incorporate into your next redesign, the better your new website will be.

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But how should these trends actually affect the ways in which we design and organize our own websites? No matter how you slice the pie, at the end of the day the most important thing you want is the visitor’s attention. And it needs to occur within 5 seconds. Here is your guide to key elements of modern web design that you can include to grab your visitors’ attention.

Simplicity of design | Creative Website Designs

The best website are quick to read, because the layout is simple and uncluttered. Don’t be afraid to leave some blank space; the design should be such that the eye is naturally drawn to your images or blocks of text. Finding the right balance between design that looks modern, yet simplistic in nature, informative and engaging for the visitor is the bedrock of success. Make sure you stick to a small, consistent range of typefaces and font sizes, and keep sentences and blocks of text fairly short for ease of reading. Don’t create huge chunks of text, or your visitors will lose interest very quickly!

Creative Website Designs | How to Make Sure Your Website...

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Ease of navigation | Creative Website Designs

A vital feature for any website that wants to play in the major leagues is simple and straightforward navigation. Your website’s visitors will not spend precious time on understanding how to navigate from one page to another. It’s your task as website owner to make this process is as smooth as possible for them. On any website, both the main branding and main navigation should be obvious and clear. So it’s a good idea to create a clear space at the top of a web site design that positions the logo and navigation boldly.

Here’s the thing: buttons aren’t great for menus or other general navigation. You don’t press a button to turn the page of a book or magazine. Tabs make a lot more sense for general navigation (after all, tabs in a notebook are used to mark new sections of content, like new web pages). Try and avoid large drop-down menus if possible too. Think about what features a user will want to see on your website and make sure these are easy to access from your homepage.

Full-screen images | Creative Website Designs

One of the biggest trends being utilized right now is full-screen imagery. A lot of websites are taking advantage of responsive design and are making their landing pages really shine with impressive uses of photography and vector design. Grab your visitor’s attention immediately with something engaging and then let their curiosity guide them to additional information. However, while the idea works really well for designers and photographers that can portray their work in an image, it can often be difficult for businesses outside of these specialized niches.

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Creative Website Designs | How to Make Sure Your Website...

Unique typography | Creative Website Designs

Another similar, but still very effective, trend incorporates text with imagery. Most companies have a particular family, style, and size of a font, or typography, that they used that helps their clients immediately identify them versus their competitors. When presented with an image, we naturally begin to look for some sort of subject to focus our gaze. By adding text, you are manipulating this inherent desire. If you find that your images don’t lend well to having text laid directly over them, a simple fix is to utilize slightly opaque boxes or design elements as a spacer between the photo and the text.

Creative Website Designs | Website Design –

Make sure that each page follows the same design, from typefaces and headings to image styles and colors. If each page changes radically your site visitors will feel disorientated. Following flat, clean, and simple design principles means that engaged visitors spend more time on your website, because they enjoy it, and your website gives them the information they are looking for in a clear and concise manner.

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