Creative Websites | S.I.M.P.L.E. – 6 Web Design Principles for Effective Websites

Creative Websites | S.I.M.P.L.E. – 6 Web Design Principles...

Creative Websites | Creating a website for your product or service is an absolute must in today’s business world, but there are huge pitfalls associated with having a website that doesn’t achieve its goals. Your website needs to catch and hold the visitor’s attention, and then evoke an interaction, be it in the form of a sale, comments on a forum, or sharing via social media networks. The design of your website, its navigation, mobile responsiveness, and even font and color choices can make or break your website. Like it or not, website design can mean the difference between achieving the pinnacle of online success, and suffering abysmal digital failure.

Creative Websites | Website Design –

In order for your website to be an absolute success, you need something that will inspire your target audience, and present the right image for your brand. But how exactly do you go about this? There’s no need to despair, with our 6 principles for website design, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decisions when it comes to the design of your website.

Simplicity is vital | Creative Websites

Your mantra when trying to create an effective website should be “simplicity and professionalism.” The world around us has become quite cluttered and the internet is no exception. Ads, icons, buttons, banners, pop-ups, badges, signs, and so on – sometimes it can all get a bit too cluttered. So why not give your website visitors a break from all the noise and clutter?

Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your work to the surface, where it belongs. Too many gimmicks, flashy animations, and bright colors will make you look like a clown. A website markets your business, and is an opportunity for you to present a professional image. Simplicity is key!

Creative Websites | S.I.M.P.L.E. – 6 Web Design Principles...

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Invest in a great logo | Creative Websites

If you don’t already have a logo, have a polished, professional logo design, one that perfectly conveys your brand image. Your logo is an important part of your brand, so ensure it’s placed prominently on your website. Use a high-resolution image and feature it in the upper left corner of each of your pages, and link it back to your home page. That way, your logo becomes a handy navigational tool for your website visitors, as well as a brand enforcement tool.

Make your text easy to read | Creative Websites

Text is important. It’s there to provide information and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. With that being said – don’t make your visitors squint to read it. Pick a font that can be easily read, and size it no less than 11pt. Try to avoid using more than two font families in order to make sure your pages load fast. Remember that the colors you choose should work well together. For example: putting cream colored text on a white background will either leave your site visitors with a headache, or make them give up and move on.

Pay attention to navigation | Creative Websites

Think about how visitors are going to navigate your website, as navigation plays an important role in determining how long visitors stay and explore your website. If you have a simple navigation system, you’ll keep your visitors around longer; conversely, confusing navigation layouts may result in people leaving your website, rather than trying to figure it out.

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Creative Websites | S.I.M.P.L.E. – 6 Web Design Principles...

Load time can make or break your campaign | Creative Websites

Every element of your website should be optimized to load as quickly as possible. A review of your file sizes, code structure and links to third-party support files helps you identify elements that are slowing your visitor down. Fast page load times are important, both for your visitors and for SEO. It can be tempting to load every fabulous product image in high definition, or write at enormous length on a topic you are passionate about, but slow loading pages will drive your visitors away.

Creative Websites | Website Design –

Encourage your visitors to take action | Creative Websites

Your landing page, campaign creative and all online processes tied to marketing performance should provide clear language that informs and motivates the visitor to take action. This is especially true for your main call-to-action button. It really doesn’t matter how much traffic you get, and how attractive your website is, if you don’t make it clear what your visitor should do next. Replace vague language like “Start Here,” “Submit” and “Next” with something that communicates clarity to the user like “Request a Free Trial.”

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