Custom Business Card Design Tips | Leverage The Power Of Custom Business Cards! 5 Surefire Design Tips To Help You Stand Out

Custom Business Card Design Tips | Leverage The Power Of Custom ...

Custom Business Card Design Tips | You may think the paper business card is a lingering relic of a bygone age. While it’s true that we no longer use them the same way we used to, they still act as a representation of you and your business, and they can be a simple extension of your business brand. Whether you’re attending a networking event, hosting a seminar or meeting a potential business partner or a client for the very first time, a well-designed business card is a necessity.

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Lots of people don’t even carry around business cards anymore. This is a mistake: Business cards aren’t just for providing potential clients your contact information; they also start conversations and spark relationships. Since your business card will linger long after your meeting’s over, think of your business cards as your unsung sales force; they have to represent your company and your product the way you would. The secret is to come up with a business card design that’s appealing, targeted and informative. Making all that happen on a piece of paper that is only 3.5 inches wide and 2 inches deep is a tall order. But it can be done.

Stick To The Standard Size And Shape | Custom Business Card Design Tips

Standard business cards are 2″ x 3.5″, in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Horizontal is more traditional, but plenty of business owners now go with vertical layouts. There are things you can do to your card to make it stand out in a pile (e.g., rounded corners), but going with an untraditional shape can be tricky. A round card, for example, is quite memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business-card holder devices.

Custom Business Card Design Tips | Leverage The Power Of Custom ...

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Who, What, Where, Why? | Custom Business Card Design Tips

It may sound obvious, but the first (and most important!) thing to consider when creating your business card is the information you want to include. Think carefully about which contact details to include – you have to strike a balance between providing enough points of contact, without overwhelming your potential clients. Your name definitely needs to be there, along with the name of your business (via your logo), your phone number and your e-mail address. Space permitting, you can also include your physical address, fax number, cell-phone number and company website address.

Materials And Effects | Custom Business Card Design Tips

The vast majority of business cards out there are printed on paper cardstock. Cardstock comes in a variety of weights, textures, and colors, all of which can affect the potential client’s decision whether to hire you or not. A business cards printed on paper thinner than 300gsm can feel rather thin, which will make them feel tacky and cheap. Try thinking of your card as you would a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card?

While many entrepreneurs don’t bother with any kind of business card coating, you may want to choose an aqueous (water resistant) or UV-protective coating. Either of these options make your business card more durable, but keep in mind that they do add to the cost. What they offer, however, is a chance to make your card more tactile, visually impressive and memorable. Different printing companies offer different options for finishes, so speak to them to find out what they can do for you, and don’t be afraid to go to a specialist if your usual printer only offers straight four-color print.

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Custom Business Card Design Tips | Leverage The Power Of Custom ...

Utilize The Back | Custom Business Card Design Tips

When creating a business card, you want to make sure you use all available space to its fullest potential; this includes the back. If you do wish to put copy on it, be sure the information is of a supplemental nature: e.g., your company’s mission or tagline. It is important to get creative with the back of the card. Putting something special like a coupon, report, or a discount offer will help keep your card out of the trash.

Custom Business Card Design Tips | Website Design –

Get Creative | Custom Business Card Design Tips

It’s always good to add color, a fun design, or even a catchy phrase to make the card stand out. Anything you can do to make the card more appealing, yet still maintain the identity of the business will help make your business card unforgettable. However, you’ll want to take into account the style of your current marketing materials, including your website, as well as the image you want to portray to potential clients. Also, be careful to choose complementary colors – clashing colors can look tacky and unprofessional on a business card.

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