Custom Photography Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card That Stands Out In 2016

Custom Photography Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card ...

Custom Photography Business Cards | We’ve been working closely with photographers for more than ten years now and one of our favorite things about it is the incredible stream of creativity we’re constantly surrounded with. From stunning photography to awe-inspiring brands, photographers are able to turn even a mundane thing into a work of art simply by adding their unique personal touch. No wonder there’s so much pressure to stand out – every aspect of your business needs to showcase your creative vision in order to grab the attention of potential clients. Needless to say, this trickles down to your stationery as well, especially your business cards.

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Business cards are one of the most used (and most convenient) business tools. They provide you with a simple way to instantly provide your potential clients with all the most important information. When done right, they’re easy to store and access, and they act as an extension of your brand. In other words, a business card is a lot like a billboard your potential clients can carry around in their pockets. However, there are certain things you need to pay attention to if you’re hoping to get the most out of your business cards!

It’s Your First Impression We’re Talking About | Custom Photography Business Cards

Despite all the gadgets and mobile devices, the easiest way to exchange information is by using business cards. Sure, you can type in your details into a potential client’s phone, but imagine doing that dozens of times at a networking event or a conference! At social gatherings, your potential clients and business partners will be handed countless business cards, so if you don’t have a card to hand out, how hard do you think they’re going to try and write it down?

Custom Photography Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card ...

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Even if you do have a generic business card, your chances of standing out will be slim. This is your only opportunity to leave a great first impression – most people will see your business card long before they check out your website, so you’ll want to make sure the business card you hand out will make them want to know more about you and your business.

Stay Away From Cheap Templates | Custom Photography Business Cards

Downloading a cheap template you found online, pasting your contact details, and calling it a day might sound like a really good idea, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re trying to be budget-conscious. There’s a reason these templates are cheap, though. They are usually created by students or beginners and they have all the telltale signs of amateur design. Even if you do stumble upon a good template, chances are that it’s being used by hundreds of other business owners out there. How is your business card supposed to stand out from a pile if it’s already been seen many times?

Your Business Card Is The Extension Of Your Business Identity | Custom Photography Business Cards

Business stationery is defined as the materials you use to communicate with your potential and existing clients, both online and off. However, in order to get the most out of all your materials, you’ll need to ensure consistency so when they’re all laid down on a desk, they look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source. So, to keep the business card in line with the rest of the existing materials, we ask all of our clients about their brand’s color scheme, fonts, or even graphics common for all their materials when we start designing a business card to make sure it not only acts as an effective communication tool, but as a powerful brand-building tool as well.

Pay Attention To Readability | Custom Photography Business Cards

While trying to include as many contact details as possible, many will shrink down the size of the text to make everything fit. Keep in mind, though, that while this might look readable on your computer screen, it might turn into illegible smudge when the card is actually printed. As a general rule of thumb, don’t go smaller than 8pt. Also, don’t forget about the font itself: keep it professional and simple – don’t be tempted to use a detailed calligraphic font. In other words, don’t make your potential clients sit there trying to decipher your business card or make them use a magnifying glass to read your phone number!

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Custom Photography Business Cards | How To Design A Business Card ...

Size Matters | Custom Photography Business Cards

One of the first things most people will do when trying to make their business card stand out is use an unusual shape. Everyone will notice a large, round card, right? While this definitely is the case, there is a downside you need to consider before opting for an untraditional size – storage. The typical business card measures 3.5 by 2 inches, and wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this particular size. Using a larger business card will make storing it a nightmare, and it’s more likely to end up in the trash instead of your potential client’s wallet.

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There are ways to make sure your business card stands out from even the largest pile without sacrificing the usability. For example, you can consider an unusual layout. While majority of cards are in landscape orientation, there are business owners that choose to use portrait orientation. This will definitely get the recipient to take a second look, which is all you need to stand out. Keep in mind, though, that this type of orientation will not necessarily work for every business card, especially if you have too much information you want to include.

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