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Customer Service Tips | Differentiate Your Business With ...

Customer Service Tips | It doesn’t matter how smoothly your small business operates, bad stuff occasionally happens. Word spreads quickly online and reputations are made or broken by client opinions. Only seven percent of people said online customer service interactions exceeded their expectations, according to a recent study by American Express. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to pull out all the stops. Providing perfect customer service and making sure that clients are fully supported at every step of their experience is a key (and mostly free!) way to do this.

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A third of customers surveyed said rude and unresponsive customer service representatives were the most likely reason that made them switch companies and brands. Excellent customer care is vital for any company, but small businesses in particular have a unique opportunity to grow personal relationships with their clients and distinguish themselves from the competition. Making clients feel like they are being heard and respected can boost both client retention and acquisition. Here are some ideas for satisfying your clients and turning customer service into your best marketing tool.

Reaction Time Is Critical | Customer Service Tips

A negative review is an emergency – treat it like one. Bad opinions spread like wildfire online, so make sure you’re keeping up with your clients on their favorite social platforms. Many large businesses do not reply to client emails, and this sort of response won’t fly in a customer-focused business. If circumstances make it difficult to respond to a complaint immediately, a proactive tweet, email, or comment can help to calm the storm.

Customer Service Tips | Differentiate Your Business With ...

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Be Transparent | Customer Service Tips

Consumers are more informed than ever. The only way to gain their trust is to be honest with them. Transparency is crucial; make sure you have clear policies, so that clients know where they stand before purchasing, and remember to keep in touch throughout the order process – such measures will go a long way to building client trust in an online world!

Exploit The Self-Service Support Potential | Customer Service Tips

You have a great opportunity to boost client satisfaction and reduce costs at the same time. Pay attention to the top questions, issues, and concerns your clients have, and address those things proactively in your community. What are the most common questions your clients ask when they contact customer service or call your business? Answers to these questions should be listed on a FAQ page.

Empower Your Employees | Customer Service Tips

Your employees are absolutely crucial in the growth of a respectable reputation for your small business. Make sure they have the best tools to act as first responders in everyday situations, and teach them to treat customers with respect. An untrained or rude employee can quickly turn a routine issue into a deplorable experience for a client. Make every interaction count by regularly checking up on customer service etiquette.

Solicit Customer Opinions | Customer Service Tips

Another way to assess your customer service performance is to ask your clients. Asking for feedback about your clients’ experiences with your business will let you know how you compare to the competition, and reveal areas that need improvement. This kind of interaction with your company instantly builds loyalty, and generates many positive reviews and tweets that outweigh the negative ones. Encourage people to do so by offering a reward in return – a little can go a long way.

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Customer Service Tips | Differentiate Your Business With ...

Remember That the Customer Is Always Right | Customer Service Tips

There’s a reason this old adage still exists. Clients must be treated with respect, even if their approach is hostile. Great customer carers never turn down a request for help; even if the answer is “no, we’re closed”, it’s expressed as “yes, we can do that first thing tomorrow for you”. Try to immediately diffuse any tension by acknowledging that they are unhappy, show empathy, and express a commitment to make it right. And remember to never take it personally.

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Add A Personal Touch | Customer Service Tips

There’s nothing better than a real person on the end of a phone call these days. The same goes for personalized emails or direct and, if appropriate, public responses to a tweet or status update. Learn to treat every customer like an individual with a unique story, challenge or problem. Paying attention to the little things which don’t significantly affect the main service is a way of saying: “If we look after the little things, just think what we’ll do with the big ones.”

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