Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | 6 Design Tips To Save Your DIY Marketing Material From Disaster

Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | 6 Design Tips To Save Your

Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | Remember that one business owner you met that crossed out an old phone number and wrote down the new one… on their business card? Business is all about first impressions. As markets grow increasingly efficient and competition stiffens, forgetting your marketing collateral or failing to follow the best practices of good design can be disastrous. Effective marketing materials are purposeful, targeted, and simple. If your materials aren’t helping your business improve sales, grow client base or build your brand, they may be missing one of the essential aspects of an effective piece.

Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

You have a business and you need marketing materials to promote your services or your products to your audience? Designing marketing materials by yourself can be a challenging task — especially if you’re not experienced in graphic design. Well-designed, professional marketing collateral can help you grow your business as it reinforces your brand, grabs the attention of your target audience, and emphasizes your unique selling points. How do you go about designing it? Start by following our easy tips for marketing collateral success!

One Piece Can’t Do It All | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

If you try to achieve all your business goals with one brochure or email blast, you will likely accomplish nothing. Avoid the temptation to include too much content and appeal too many audiences, and really focus your piece on the one or two goals you identified before you started designing your marketing materials. How will the collateral be used? As a lead-generator, leave-behind and/or sales closer? Understand where the collateral piece fits in your own sales process, how it will be distributed and who will read it.

Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | 6 Design Tips To Save Your

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Have Variations Of Your Logo | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

Marketing materials are the face of your business, so it’s vitally important that they not only look great and feature flawless content – they also have to send out consistent messages in order to be effective. And while your logo should be instantly recognizable, you need to remember that each type of marketing collateral may have different requirements, so design variations of the same logo to fit on specific marketing pieces. For example, you might need a rectangular logo that fits on your envelope or business card or gray-scale and color versions.

Grab The Attention | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

Understand your target audience and speak to each potential client directly. Know who they are and what they want. What questions will your marketing material answer? Communicate the problems you are solving. Powerful headlines that grab your audience’s attention utilize benefit statements that directly address the reader’s needs, concerns and interests. Be personal, and use messaging that talks about them and their needs, not so much you.

Go For Quality | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

Whenever you’re presenting your brand to your target audience, you have to appear professional and reliable at all times. Go for the best quality you can afford, whether you’re investing in the type of paper you use or the quality of video on your website or social media channels – as this all affects just how well your potential clients respond to your marketing materials. If the quality of your marketing collateral isn’t up to the standards of your business, people will assume your products or services are the same. After all, if a business cannot provide quality marketing materials, how could they possibly provide quality services or products?

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Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | 6 Design Tips To Save Your

Integrate Print And Digital | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

When investing in marketing collateral, it’s a good idea to look for ways to integrate your print collateral with your digital marketing strategy. Broaden your marketing reach by including website addresses and QR codes on your print marketing and promotions to drive potential clients to your website as well. A good scenario would be a QR code that, when scanned, lets them watch a video demonstration of a product or service on your website. Business cards, for example, can’t tell the whole story, so giving potential clients a chance to learn more on-the-spot can increase response rate.

Designing Effective Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Tell Your Story Clearly, Simply, Visually | Designing Effective Marketing Collateral

People are scanners. It’s vitally important you’re able to hook them into your content strong visual design. This means high-impact graphics, killer headlines, bulletined copy and short paragraphs. You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words a million times by now. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience then using just the right amount of graphics throughout your marketing materials is a must. They help with the flow of your content as well as making everything easy to read and understand. So, simplify the design, emphasize the selling points with graphics and imagery, and establish clear takeaways.

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