Digital Photography Marketing Advice | Let Your Personality Shine! Four Content Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Powerful Lead Generator

Digital Photography Marketing Advice | Let Your Personality Shine! ...

Digital Photography Marketing Advice | It was Theodore Roosevelt that said that comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s turning out to be true in business, as well as our personal lives. In today’s saturated market, your knee-jerk reaction might be to copy or imitate what other photographers are doing, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. If it’s working for them, it has to work for you too, right? Not really, actually. The ultimate goal of marketing is to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd of other shooters, which isn’t very likely to happen if you do exactly what other photographers in your area are doing!

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Needless to say, this isn’t just about the packages you’re offering, or your slogan – instead, it trickles into every aspect of your business. Since your website will oftentimes be the very first contact a potential client has with you and your photography business and the sole factor determining whether they reach out to you or not, you’ll want to make sure it’s unlike anything already out there. What many photographers fail to understand, however, is that there are things other than the design itself that can help them stand out, the most important one being the personality. Curious whether you should and how to showcase your personality? Read on!

In Order To Be Irreplaceable, One Must Always Be Different. | Digital Photography Marketing Advice

Yes, that was a Coco Chanel quote – and if you’re looking for advice on fearlessness (and fierceness), who better to turn to than one of the most iconic design geniuses that changed the way we dress? Had she tried to do the same things other designers were doing, our world would look completely different today. You too are a part of a creative industry, albeit a different one, and not only is imitating others very unlikely to do you any good, but it can actually do more damage than good.

Digital Photography Marketing Advice | Let Your Personality Shine! ...

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You’re a business owner, granted, but at the end of the day, people do business with people, and allowing your potential clients to get to know you a bit better long before they pick up the phone and schedule a session will drastically improve your chances of getting hired. However, photography websites are notorious for the lack of text, so what can you do to let your personality shine? Should you share a shot of your lunch each day with your visitors to give them a glimpse into your life? Please don’t! There are plenty of places you can showcase your personality without bombarding your visitors with endless stream of selfies!

Start With The About Page | Digital Photography Marketing Advice

The most obvious place visitors check when trying to find out more about the photographer whose work they just finished viewing is the about page, yet it’s also one of the most neglected pages when it comes to photography websites. Even when photographers include an about page, they tend to list generic facts not many people will care about. Instead, you’ll want to write the copy that includes more than just a list of your achievements. Sure, those are important as well, but your potential clients will want to find out more about who you are, not just what you did.

The about page is typically one of the most visited pages on every website, so share how (and why!) you started your business, what drives you, what your goals are and what made you the person you are today. Details like these will help you appear more relatable and improve your chances of getting booked, whereas hiding behind a corporate-sounding will only alienate potential clients, no matter how stunning your photos are. At the end of the day, photographers hold a great deal of trust, and your about page is the ideal place to start building it!

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Digital Photography Marketing Advice | Let Your Personality Shine! ...

Your Blog Is Your Most Powerful Tool | Digital Photography Marketing Advice

The benefits of setting up a blog on your website are practically endless. From supplementing your social media strategy, to improving your search engine rankings, there’s no aspect of your photography business a blog can’t improve. If you share a somewhat personal post every now and then, in addition to the posts on industry-related topics, you will keep your visitors around longer and keep them coming back for more. Just remember this is still a business blog we’re talking about, so don’t share too much information – there are some things better kept for your personal blog!

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Sprinkle Your Personality Throughout Other Pages As Well | Digital Photography Marketing Advice

If you take some time to plan out your website copy, you’ll see that writing relatable content isn’t that challenging, even in pages that are usually considered to be dry and uninspiring, such as the page with frequently asked questions. Whenever we design a website for a client, we make sure we include text sections on each page, even if it’s just an area for their favorite quote. Not only does it improve the website’s overall SEO ranking, but it also allows our clients to share bits and pieces with their visitors, as if they were going through the website together and casually commenting along the way.

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