DIY Business Card Design Tips | Creating Your Own Business Card? 6 Tips To Make It Stand Out

DIY Business Card Design Tips | In today’s age of online networking and communication, you might think the business card is a lingering relic of an ancient era. While it’s true that we don’t use them the same way we used to, they still serve as a representation of you and your small business, and they’re an extension of your business identity. Whether you are meeting a potential client for the first time or attending a networking event, your business card is vitally important for making a good impression. After all, savvy, well-connected business people never leave home without a stack of effectively designed business cards in their wallet or purse.

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The humble business card can boast some incredible results in promoting your business, but only if you design it with care. Since your card will stick around long after your meeting’s over, think of your business cards as your unsung sales force; they have to be able to represent your business and your product the way you would. Follow the tips below to create distinctive, professional business cards that pack a punch!

Who, What, Where, Why? | DIY Business Card Design Tips

It may sound obvious, but the first (and most critical!) thing to consider when setting up your business card is the information you want to include. You need to ensure a balance between providing enough contact details, without making your card look cluttered. Start by considering the most important information you want to include, which will usually be a name, phone number and email address, then work your design around presenting this information in a creative way.

DIY Business Card Design Tips | Creating Your Own Business Card? 6...

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Clearly Distinguish Your Personal Taste From Your Brand | DIY Business Card Design Tips

You may love edgy fonts, for example, but if they have nothing to do with the style of your photography or the nature of your brand, they don’t belong on your business cards. It might seem easy when you think about it, but you’d be surprised to see how much people gravitate towards what they naturally like and not what represents their businesses. Your business card will often be the first branded marketing material that potential clients see, so it’s vital that it gives them a sense of what you and your business are all about.

Stick To The Standard Size | DIY Business Card Design Tips

There are things you can do to a card to make your card stand out in a pile, but going with an untraditional shape can be a double-edged sword. The average business card size is 3.5” x 2” — which means wallets and business card holders are made to accommodate this particular size. If you business card won’t fit into these items, it may get tossed in the trash — making you lose out on potential business. A round card, for example, is really memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business-card holder devices.

Invest In Good Card Stock | DIY Business Card Design Tips

Thicker cards tend to feel more expensive – making your business seem more professional. A business cards printed on paper thinner than 300gsm look and feel rather thin, which can make them feel tacky and cheap. If the card feels flimsy or looks like you printed it yourself on your home printer, it will leave people with impression that they are doing business with a company that will disappear as soon as the owner finds a real job.

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DIY Business Card Design Tips | Creating Your Own Business Card? 6...

Utilize The Back | DIY Business Card Design Tips

When designing a business card, you want to make sure you’re using all the available space to its fullest potential; this includes the back side as well. Many people will keep the back of the card blank, but that is a huge waste of space. However, traditional card storage modes assume that side is blank. If you do wish to include content on it, be sure the information is of a supplemental nature: like your company’s mission, tagline, or even a discount code.

DIY Business Card Design Tips | Website Design –

Keep It Simple | DIY Business Card Design Tips

There is a way to be creative, while keeping things simple. Avoid cluttering your business card with too much noise. People shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by too many details or different fonts because it will detract from the information on the card. Business cards are typically just 3.5″ x 2″, so you don’t have too much space to work with. Don’t make your logo too big, don’t make the font too small to be comfortably read, and don’t be afraid to use white space.

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