DIY Logo Design Tips | Design The Perfect Business Logo: Insider Tips From Professional Logo Designers

DIY Logo Design Tips | Design The Perfect Business Logo ...

DIY Logo Design Tips | With the power of the Internet, and more eyes watching than ever, it’s crucial for a business to communicate its unique message clearly. As the essence of your branding, your business logo should convey your values and personality effectively, and leave a memorable impression. Think about it this way: If you can sum up the nature of your brand in one word, your logo is the visual representation of that word. However, small business logos are quite the challenge for small business owners, and is often not given the priority it deserves.

DIY Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Ideally, your business logo improves a potential client’s or business partner’s vital first impression of your company. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, improve a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise. A logo won’t get you far though, if it doesn’t echo your brand. Before you start designing your own logo, read these important guidelines.

Send A Message | DIY Logo Design Tips

The logo design should above everything entertain and engage your clients. They should be given the chance to discover the meaning and intention of your logo themselves. What message do you want to communicate? Make sure that your brand identity and message are appropriate for your type of business. Don’t just go with an idea simply because you personally like it. If your business offers professional services, such as legal advice or medical treatment, design a logo that communicates the level of professionalism expected by your target audience. Forget about humor or the cute factor for these types of businesses.

DIY Logo Design Tips | Design The Perfect Business Logo ...

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Choose Your Colors Wisely | DIY Logo Design Tips

Colors can play a huge role in logo design as they can evoke different feelings and emotions. Interpretations of color may vary depending on age, sex, and cultural demographics, so your choices of color should be carefully considered based on your target audience. If you’re using more than one color, make sure the final product doesn’t look busy and cluttered. Remember, you want the logo to look good when viewed with or without color added.

Typography | DIY Logo Design Tips

Using some small textual elements is not a bad idea, as long as they don’t overpower the rest of the logo. Choosing the right font is also important as font can change the impression that your logo makes. Don’t be tempted to make your logo design stand out by using gimmicky fonts. When it comes to logo design, keep your font choices classic and simple and avoid over-embellishing. Too many fonts will cause the concept of the logo to lose cohesion. If you decide to use two fonts for contrast, choose two from the same theme.

Don’t Use Clip Art | DIY Logo Design Tips

However tempting it may be, clip art can be copied too easily. Not only will original design leave a more impressive statement about your business, but it’ll set your business apart from others. How is your design going to be unique when so many other logos use the same clip art? Chances are, if you are using a stock vector image, it is also being used by someone somewhere else in the world, so yours is no longer unique. Stay clear of these visual clichés and come up with an original idea and design.

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DIY Logo Design Tips | Design The Perfect Business Logo ...

Keep It Simple | DIY Logo Design Tips

A logo for any business should be simple and functional, but especially so for a small business. This is because a business logo communicates a message about the business, what it does and what it values. The more detail a logo has, the more information the viewer has to process. A logo should be memorable, and one of the best ways to make it memorable is to keep things simple. Sometimes when a logo design isn’t working out right, the first reaction is to add elements and complexity. Often times, it’s better to start over with a new concept or remove distracting elements rather than add them.

DIY Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Make It Versatile | DIY Logo Design Tips

An effective logo works as both a highway billboard and a Twitter avatar. If your logo relies on fine print, you have a problem. You want to portray a consistent image across all of your marketing materials, including signs, letterhead, business cards, products lines, and websites. Often times, a compex logo design will work fine on a website or billboard, but when you shrink it down to fit on a pen or coffee cup, the illustration or lettering will become illegible.

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