DIY Marketing Collateral | About To Design Your Own Marketing Collateral? Read This First!

DIY Marketing Collateral | About To Design Your Own Marketing Coll...

DIY Marketing Collateral | Whether you’re running a photography business, a private practice or the local soccer team, if you take it seriously, you will want to brand it. Contrary to the popular belief, building a brand requires a lot more than just having a logo designed. Your logo will be the backbone of your brand, but you need to ensure every other aspect of your business aligns with your brand, and this includes your marketing collateral.

DIY Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

Marketing collateral should remind your existing clients of the services and products you’re providing and tell your potential clients what you can do for them. It’s such an important element of the sales cycle that your marketing collateral can be critical difference between gaining a loyal client for life, or missing yet another sale. So, what exactly is marketing collateral and how can you design your own? Read on to find out!

What Is Marketing Collateral? | DIY Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is basically the collection of the media to guide your potential buyers through the sales cycle. Back in the day, it used to be almost synonymous with brochures, but a lot has changed since. Today, marketing collateral covers all your materials that are supposed to support the sales process, both online and offline.

Take A Look At Your Website Copy | DIY Marketing Collateral

What is the first thing you turn to when looking for more information on a product or a service? That’s right – the Internet. This means both your existing and potential clients are looking for you online to see what you’re all about and what you can do for them, which makes it crucial that your website is not only up to date with the latest design trends, but that it also provides a potential client with all the information they need to decide whether you’re the right fit for them or not.

DIY Marketing Collateral | About To Design Your Own Marketing Coll...

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Check all the copy throughout the website – make sure the contact information is relevant and up to date, especially if you’ve changed your email address or phone number recently. When was the last time you updated the list of the services you’re providing? Is each and every described in layman terms so everyone can understand? Make your copy easy to read, not only by using everyday terms, but also pay attention to the fonts you’re using to ensure readability.

Pay Attention To Brochures And Flyers | DIY Marketing Collateral

Even though you can easily find a free brochure or flyer template online, keep in mind that those are usually created by amateurs and carry all the telltale signs, and all the decent ones are already being used by countless other businesses out there, which makes standing out even more challenging. Think of your brochures as your unsung sales force – your potential clients will hold on to them long after the meeting is over and they’re accessible even in places without Internet access. To turn them into a powerful marketing tool, though, you need to make sure they match your other branded materials as well.

How To Ensure Brand Consistency | DIY Marketing Collateral

Your marketing collateral will reinforce your brand and boost awareness, but only if you do it right! So, what do you need to do? To ensure consistency throughout your materials, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the same color scheme, even the same fonts. Of course, you’ll also want to feature your logo on each and every piece of paper that leaves your office. Keep in mind that you’ll need slightly different variations of your logo to fit different materials and their requirements – whether it’s a smaller version, or a black and white one.

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DIY Marketing Collateral | About To Design Your Own Marketing Coll...

Prioritize Readability | DIY Marketing Collateral

We get it, there are countless fonts out there, and it can get really difficult to pick just one, which is why many inexperienced business owners choose to throw in a dozen of fonts on a single piece of paper and see what sticks. Keep in mind, though, that the eye finds it hard to scan multiple fonts at once, so you’ll want to stick to 2-3 fonts for all of your materials. Another thing to make sure is that you don’t use fonts smaller than 8pt, especially for important information like your contact details.

DIY Marketing Collateral | Website Design –

When choosing the fonts, you’ll want to stick with simple fonts that are easy to read. Even though you might like a complex calligraphic font you stumbled upon on Pinterest, keep it for personal use, or use it sparingly for less important subheadings, or even incorporate it in your logo. Serif fonts like Times New Roman, Palatino, Georgia, Courier, Bookman and Garamond are easiest to read in print, while sans serif fonts are a far better choice for online materials.

Cover Your Bases | DIY Marketing Collateral

Even though this might sound like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how many business owners fail to include important details on their marketing collateral items, such as their contact information. Keep in mind that your potential clients won’t try too hard to get in contact with you, so make it as easy for them as possible. You’ll have to choose the most appropriate details, though – while you can fit pretty much every piece of information on a brochure, you’ll have to limit the amount of information you include on business cards because the space is fixed and rather limited itself.

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