Easy Branding Tips | Visual Branding Done Right: Amp Your Assets for Impact

Easy Branding Tips | Visual Branding Done Right: Amp Your ...

Easy Branding Tips | It doesn’t matter if you’re a photographer, the owner of a dress boutique, a gardener, or the owner of a manufacturing business, you have to have a visual brand. You want to draw people in with your website or brochure, and making smart use of images and graphics is the first step to creating a successful visual brand. Even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have incorporated a series of design changes that allow users to personalize their accounts. This is one of the most effective ways for businesses to visually market their brands to potential and existing clients.

Easy Branding Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Visual identity plays a vital role in the branding strategy of any business, regardless of size or industry. As the visual expression of a brand, it may include many design elements such as shape, color, imagery, typography, and layout. Your website, your logo design, and other branded material give potential clients clues about who you are. Is the first impression your visual brand makes the best one?

Be Innovative | Easy Branding Tips

While it is crucial to think visually, it is critical that you are very clear about the key messages that you are trying to convey before you start designing. Invest in your visual brand the same amount of time and effort you did in your business strategy. Marketing materials, business cards, and logos are amazing building blocks, but don’t limit your imagination to traditional content when creating your visual brand. It may help to think about in chunks: color palette, typography, logo, and layout. You don’t have to be as literal as mobile-phone company Orange and have your palette as your name, but you do need all these things to reference each other, and work together.

Easy Branding Tips | Visual Branding Done Right: Amp Your ...

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Keep It Consistent | Easy Branding Tips

The number one mistake business owners make when branding their businesses on various social media platforms is being inconsistent across different networks. While it is true that content created for Twitter is different from content made for Facebook, YouTube and other social channels, it doesn’t mean that you have to make the look and feel of each platform different. Use the same logo or product photo on each platform. You want people to connect the dots from your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn page to your business card. A company brand needs to be consistent throughout every social media network and even printed stationery item. This will strengthen your company’s identity to others.

Simplicity Works | Easy Branding Tips

While it depends on the brand, a vital rule of design is that typically, simple is best. A clean, smart illustration will convey an idea quickly and from a distance. A picture can say a thousand words, so the images you choose will speak volumes about your brand. Simplicity works, so lose the clutter in both your logo design, site design and your text. You don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too much information at once. Adding text, bursts, or speech bubbles to images will confuse your visitor.

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Easy Branding Tips | Visual Branding Done Right: Amp Your ...

Pay Attention To Color | Easy Branding Tips

Don’t use more than two basic colors in your branded materials and communications, as using more colors can be very distracting. Your brochure and business card should use colors that match or complement those found on your website, or social profiles. Sticking to the same colors creates cohesion instead of confusion. Does your business have specific colors associated with it? If not, we encourage you to think about your brand’s personality and how you can convey it with color. Google‘s color scheme, for example, is instantly recognizable, and is used in all of the company’s imagery. The colors (primary red, blue, yellow and green), as well as their images, reflect Google’s playful, innovative culture.

Easy Branding Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Keep It Fresh | Easy Branding Tips

You’re not done once you get your logo or print materials designed. Update the marketing materials as often as your information changes, and consider taking new product photos to keep your flyers and brochures fresh. Your followers use social networking profiles to stay side by side of vital company-related achievements, specials and upcoming events. Use your online networking profiles to promote recent developments. That way, at whatever point somebody arrives on your profile, they can without any effort see the most recent information.

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