Easy Photography Business Guide | 7 Steps To A Photography Business (Yes, It’s That Easy!)

Easy Photography Business Guide | 7 Steps To A Photography Business...

Easy Photography Business Guide | Professional photography equipment has never been more affordable, which is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. With some extra cash on their hands and a Facebook page, pretty much everyone can call themselves pro. While the transition from a hobbyist to a professional has never been easier, that doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. Nor does it mean it’s impossible to turn your passion for taking pictures into a business – it simply means you need to work a bit smarter.

Easy Photography Business Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Many amateur shooters mistakenly believe that being talented at taking creative pictures will take care of everything else and provide them with the glitz and glamour that comes with success. However, we’ve all seen many incredibly talented photographers start a business and ultimately fail at keeping it afloat. To avoid that gloomy scenario, you need to make sure you’re working on your business skills just as much as you are on your photography. To help you get started on the right foot, we came up with a simple and easy photography business guide!

Do Your Homework: Write A Business Plan | Easy Photography Business Guide

Any successful business owner will tell you that in order to turn your business idea into an actual business, you’ll need to write it down first. This simple document will act as your guide and will make sure you hit the ground running the moment you launch your business, and avoid any and all nasty surprises that would otherwise catch you off guard. Plus, you’ll have a much better idea how to grab your ideal client’s attention, what your expenses are going to be and how you’re going to handle finances during the startup stage.

Don’t Be Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None | Easy Photography Business Guide

From newborn and family photography to stock and high-fashion, there are many branches of the photography industry. However, if you’re hoping to build a memorable brand, you’ll have a much better chance if you pick a particular area to specialize in. By clearly defining your target audience, you’ll make your life a lot easier when the time comes to sort out various branding elements – which leads us to our next point: the design.

Easy Photography Business Guide | 7 Steps To A Photography Business...

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Have A Logo Professionally Designed For Your Business | Easy Photography Business Guide

While the logo will play the second fiddle to your images, keep in mind that it can still pack a serious punch when it comes to representing your brand. From business cards and other stationery items to the watermarks on your images, everything that leaves your office should feature your logo. Keep in mind, though, that you will want your logo to be versatile enough to be used both with color and in black and white. For more information on logo design, check out our guide to designing effective logos.

Set Up A Portfolio Website | Easy Photography Business Guide

Days when you could set up a generic website with just a couple of examples of your works and contact information are long gone. After all, you’re marketing to millennials – a generation that practically grew up online. And while there are free website templates out there, think of your website as your virtual storefront – it will be your potential client’s first contact with you and your business long before they decide to pick up the phone and call, so you’ll want to leave the right impression from the get-go.

Your website should be simple; remember, the work you’re trying to showcase should be center of attention, not the flashy design. In other words, if people are talking about the design of your website, and not your work, you have a serious problem. You need to also make sure the examples on your website are the absolute best examples – after all, your portfolio is as strong as your weakest pictures.

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Easy Photography Business Guide | 7 Steps To A Photography Business...

Invest In The Right Equipment | Easy Photography Business Guide

While equipment alone is not enough to run a successful business, it is your primary tool – which means it will be worth your while to invest in the best equipment your budget allows. Before you run off to the nearest equipment store, though, remember that you will need backup equipment as well, from backup lenses to backup drives, as even brand new equipment can fail at the most important moment of the gig.

Social Media Is No Longer Optional | Easy Photography Business Guide

As mentioned before, you’re targeting a generation that grew up with in the time of smartphones and social media, which means if you’re serious about marketing your business and spreading the word about the services you’re providing, you will need to use a medium your potential clients feel comfortable using, and the most used examples of that are Facebook and Twitter.

This is also a great way to generate traffic to your website – every time you publish a new post or share a new gallery, take a moment to publish it on Facebook and ask your clients to tag themselves, spreading the word about your business organically.

Easy Photography Business Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Network Like There’s No Tomorrow | Easy Photography Business Guide

Don’t forget about old-fashioned face-to-face networking while working on establishing a social media presence. You’d be surprised how loyal other vendors can be once you hit it off with them. For example, if you’re shooting a wedding, you can take a few pictures of the wedding cake and send the professional shots to the decorator, who in turn might refer you to their clients, or send a shot of the venue to the owner and offering them a free print for each referral.

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