Easy Photography Business Tips | Disastrous Mistakes to Avoid When Starting A Photography Business

Easy Photography Business Tips | Disastrous Mistakes to Avo...

Easy Photography Business Tips | It’s one thing to be an amazing photographer, but very much another to be the owner of a successful photography business. In fact, we’ve seen far too many technically talented photographers suffer through difficult times, while watching others who seem less qualified slide right on by. Running a photography business isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes years of hard work and dedication to grow a successful business from the ground up.

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Avoiding the common mistakes that plague many budding photographers can make the process easier, and get you started on the road toward success. These mistakes are easy to avoid if you are aware of them, yet it seems like almost every new photographer makes them. Here’s some common mistakes to steer clear of when running a photography business.

Undercharging | Easy Photography Business Tips

Many emerging photographers think that charging a lower price when they start out makes sense. After all, as a newbie, you don’t have a ton of experience under your belt, and charging less will bring in more clients. The problem is, most of them fail to realize that the moment they charge for their work, they’ve moved from amateur to professional. That shift also requires a change in thinking, especially when it comes to how they view their photography. You need to know how much to charge in order to make a profit after expenses, taxes and insurance costs. If you don’t plan in advance, you will need to bump up your prices down the road, and will end up losing your initial clients.

Easy Photography Business Tips | Disastrous Mistakes to Avo...

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Copying | Easy Photography Business Tips

There is a huge difference between being inspired by someone and copying other people’s work. Yes, trends will come along, and people will be filling up Facebook feeds with their experiments. Particular styles of editing will be hot (matte anyone?) and styles of photography will seem to dominate the industry. However, in order to make your work stand out, you have to look at what everyone else is doing, and then do something different.

Avoiding Marketing | Easy Photography Business Tips

Many photographers tend to dodge marketing. Huge mistake! While marketing and reaching out to potential clients can be a bit of a hassle, it’s vital to growing a successful business. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, and it can take the form of many different mediums. For example, social media marketing is one of the most valuable ways of modern day marketing, and it’s an approach that’s easily accessible to an up-and-coming photographer. You don’t have to do much: post low-res versions of your most recent shots each week, write a short behind-the-scenes or technique blog article or two that you can post links to, or comment on other photographers’ posts. It’s all free marketing for your photography business.

Not Having A Business Plan | Easy Photography Business Tips

Too many new photography business owners don’t think far enough ahead. When you become a business owner, there’s a lot to handle, but you also need to mind your long-term goals. Think you can make a go of it without a solid business plan? You’re wrong. Business plans don’t just benefit million-dollar brands; they are also crucial for start-ups like yours.

You need to be realistic and include details of your goals, details of the market (how much money is there and where the gaps are), an analysis of potential clients and competitors, your unique selling points, any costs (and loans required) for equipment, insurance, banking and accountancy fees and, of course, your pricing strategy.

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Easy Photography Business Tips | Disastrous Mistakes to Avo...

Not Doing In-Person Portrait Sales | Easy Photography Business Tips

The clicking of the shutter only takes up 20% of your business efforts, and that’s being generous! The other 80% is taken up by marketing, selling, social media, accounting, planning, studying, marketing (so exciting it’s worth mentioning twice!) You can triple your sales average if you go from an online gallery to in-person sales. It sounds scary, but the images sell themselves. You’re just there to help your clients decide between which images look best, and what size they need for an image.

Easy Photography Business Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Thinking It’s Easy | Easy Photography Business Tips

The truth is, running a photography business is far from being simple. Running any business is difficult, regardless what it is. There definitely are no “get rich fast” business plans for photographers! Many times it’s necessary to take a loan out when you’re starting a business, but it’s a good idea to either avoid borrowing, or cut it down to a bare minimum. The more you borrow at the beginning, the more you’ll owe later on, and this can delay the progress of your business goals as you begin to grow. Digging yourself into a hole of debt is anything but wise when you’re establishing yourself in the industry, and as interest stacks up on loans, it can become far more than what you bargained for from the outset.

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