Easy Photography Startup Tips | Get More Business Now! 6 Tips To Make Your Photography Business Flourish

Easy Photography Startup Tips | Get More Business Now! ...

Easy Photography Startup Tips | Taking stunning pictures will only take you so far when it comes to running a photography business. The professional photography industry can be an intimidating place for the new photographer trying to earn a living doing what he or she loves. The competition is stiff, the bookkeeping feels endless, and if you are just getting started in the industry, it can seem like you can’t get your business in front of the right people.

Easy Photography Startup Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

So, it’s the second week of the new year – how are things shaping up? Scheduled a ton of new work? Setting up to land your dream client? This overview of how to boost your photography business and get more clients is perfect for the amateur photographer researching business opportunities, part-time photographer looking to expand, or an experienced pro who needs to revisit planning and marketing. Here are some essential things to consider when starting your photography business.

Set Business Goals | Easy Photography Startup Tips

Starting a business begins with the end. By defining business goals you will determine a clear path to your destination, like breadcrumbs to follow later. As the saying goes, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Do you know where are you looking to go with your work, which clients are you targeting, and how are you going to reach them? What will your fixed costs be, and what costs can be passed onto your clients? Making some of these decisions at the beginning will be extremely helpful in the long run, even if your business plan grows and changes along the way.

Easy Photography Startup Tips | Get More Business Now! ...

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Get The Right Equipment And Supplies | Easy Photography Startup Tips

When purchasing the necessary equipment, keep your priorities in mind. Figure out what equipment will be essential to your photography business and invest in high-quality items. Do your research and work out how to spend your budget to get the most useful equipment. As your business evolves, you will be able to afford better, but, when you are starting out, it may be a good idea to take out a loan or seek third-party investment. Armed with the right equipment and a good plan, you could soon be making money with every click of the shutter.

Know Your Ideal Client | Easy Photography Startup Tips

Starting photographers often believe they have to take on any business that comes their way. Choosing an ideal client up front provides you with the comfort and confidence to turn away the client who is too far away from your location, can’t afford you, or is simply a pain to work with. It’s crucial that you know exactly who your ideal client is and that you tailor every part of your business and marketing plan toward the things that appeal to them. Once you have this figured out, then everything you do from that point will be to attract these people as potential clients.

Create A Website | Easy Photography Startup Tips

Your website is often the first impression potential clients have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. Designing a fast, HTML-based website with a handful of your best images will work wonders for your business. In your portfolio and/or homepage slider, make sure to feature only your best 5-10 images; including one or two sub-par images just for the sake of having more can drive potential clients away.

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Easy Photography Startup Tips | Get More Business Now! ...

Rock Your Social Media | Easy Photography Startup Tips

In the beginning, find as many different ways as possible to market your business. You never know what might catch a potential client’s eye and advertising can been done at little or no cost through social media. Is your ideal client on Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Be there. For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where an ideal client is spending time. Twitter and Google+ tend to attract more business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public, then those two might be a better place to focus your time.

Easy Photography Startup Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Accept Rejection | Easy Photography Startup Tips

As a freelancer, or new business owner, you never know what the next job might be, where it will take you or what you might be getting paid. Some client work can be consistent, but as we build a business from the ground up, it’s always tough and there’s often a degree of uncertainty about the ‘next job’. Brace yourself for a lot of rejections in your first year, but don’t let criticism knock your confidence – instead, use it to your advantage.

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