Effective Blog Design Tips | Think Like A Designer: Six Essential Elements Of A Perfect Blog Design

Effective Blog Design Tips | Think Like A Designer: Six ...

Effective Blog Design Tips | Content alone is not enough to help your blog stand out from the crowd. Whilst content may be king, design is definitely queen! With so many blogs out there, it’s vital to make sure you know how to start a blog that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. And a brilliant blog starts with the design. Blog design can be as simple as installing a theme and adding a few plugins. However, if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out, the first step is understanding the principles of good design.

Effective Blog Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

If you’re serious about building an audience through blogging, it’s crucial to optimize your blog to convert visitors into regular readers, subscribers and even clients. And if you want your blog’s visitors to stay for longer and read your content, you need your design to make a great first impression. Your blog has to look elegant, be easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content. So, do you need to know how to start a blog that will attract and enthrall? Here are six tips that will get you started then take your offering from interesting to inspirational.

Keep Things Simple | Effective Blog Design Tips

When designing your blog, it can be tempting to go crazy. After all, you want your blog to stand out and people to remember you. However, you don’t want your blog’s background to be competing with your content, or distracting from it. When in doubt, a simple white background looks elegant and pretty. How harmful can a rainbow of colors and a plethora of fonts be? The answer is: very! Anything too eye-catching or colorful might clash with your actual content!

Effective Blog Design Tips | Think Like A Designer: Six ...

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Use Only A Few Fonts, And Use Them Consistently | Effective Blog Design Tips

This is one of the biggest mistakes that make a blog design look really unprofessional: when there are 10 different fonts just on your landing page! At most, use one font for your logo, one for your headlines, and one for your body content. Any more and your blog will look too cluttered. Also, when choosing fonts for your text, look for legible fonts in a readable size. You work hard on your content, so you don’t want it to go to waste. Choosing a font that’s hard to read is probably the easiest way to do just that.

Embrace White Space | Effective Blog Design Tips

Don’t be afraid of white space. On the contrary, white space can really boost your design and keep it professional. A cluttered page can feel claustrophobic and overwhelm your visitors even when it’s well-organized. Having white space, or well-spaced page elements, makes those elements easily identifiable and simpler to read. Remember, sometimes less really is more.

Make It Easy To Find Your Content | Effective Blog Design Tips

Visitors should be able to browse your blog without any effort at all, so your content should be organized intuitively. In order to do this, you will have to anticipate their needs. You should not expect them to make the effort to understand how your website is structured. If your reader wants to see posts from a specific date, would they know where to go? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? At the basic level, you’ll need categories and a search bar so readers can easily find the content they’re looking for. Nobody should have to click “older” over and over again if they already know what it is they’re looking for.

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Effective Blog Design Tips | Think Like A Designer: Six ...

Make It Responsive | Effective Blog Design Tips

With three million using their mobile devices to access the internet and counting, your design blog will be missing out on vital traffic – and goal completions – if it’s not responsive. Nowadays, people expect websites to be optimized for mobile devices, and if you don’t do it, don’t expect visitors to stick around for very long.

Effective Blog Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Include High-Contrast Calls To Action | Effective Blog Design Tips

Calls to action are a vital part of content marketing. You invest time in content hoping that it will help you achieve your business goals, and your CTAs are what link those two elements together. If the background color of your blog is white, try using a dark background for your call to action. To make it really stick out, be sure this is the only element on the page with that background color.

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