Effective Business Card | Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card

Effective Business Card | Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card...

Effective Business Card | People want to deal with businesses that they feel are dependable, and when faced with businesses that don’t have well-known names or long-established status that they haven’t dealt with previously, they judge a business on its attendance and reputation. High-quality business cards improve your profile, increase your apparent value and set the character for what it’s going to be like to do business with you. In some circumstances, people sense that the impression a business card makes on a potential client is just as important as the face-to-face meeting itself. Offering someone your business card is your first chance to back up your words with a perceptible example of your style and professionalism.

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Events | Effective Business Card

Events are continuously fun but an attendee easily gets tired of writing their name, address, and phone number at each table. If you carry business cards you can fold one of them in half and drop that into the drawing container instead. Depending on the size of the seminar or expo you might want to bring an extra-large supply of business cards. After you leave the networking event, write down one note on each of the cards that related to something you talked about. Maybe it was about a shared connection that you have or your favorite sports team. Either way, common interests are vital when establishing relationships with new connections.

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Effective Business Card | Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card...

Bookmarks | Effective Business Card

You can place your business cards inside books at the library. Make certain the books are ones that your target market will be reading. You could also get creative and design bookmarks like you would your business card. Let your bookmark double as a business card. Double the length of a standard business card and fold it so that when extended you have a nice 2 in. by 7 in. bookmark. Folded, it fits into most business card holders but unfolded it’s a bookmark with your business card info and plenty of room for more of your marketing message. You can also do the same with magazines in the waiting room of your doctor or dentist. If you have any magazines addressed to your office or place of business, leave them in a waiting room with your business cards inserted inside.

Referrals and Testimonials | Effective Business Card

If you regularly work with or get clients from another business in town, leave a stack of business cards at their office. You can also offer your guests the referral program and give them your business cards. Try to give all your guests at least 5-10 cards. Offer a gift for all sales, bookings and recruits you get. Keep in mind, they are enthusiastic about the products they just saw and their interest can turn into sales for you. Clients relate to other clients. Because of that, testimonials speak volumes. Think about adding a brief quote or link to a quote on the back of your business card. It’s a great method to use valuable space that otherwise goes to waste.

Exchange | Effective Business Card

If someone is a potential customer, more important than giving them your information is getting theirs. When you have met someone and had discussion ask, ‘May I have your card?’, always ask for their card first. Once you have received it then ask, ‘May I give you my card?’ Don’t always assume that they will want your business card. It is more well-mannered to give it to them after they have said yes. If you want to write details on someone’s card (while you are still with them) always ask, ‘Do you mind if I make a note on the back of your business card?’ Some people invest considerable amount of money in their cards and asking this question demonstrates your respect.

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Effective Business Card | Smart Ways to Use Your Business Card...

Effective Business Card | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Correspondence | Effective Business Card

If you write notes or letters to clients, include your business card inside the envelope, especially if your letterhead is not personalized to you. If you are in a position where you don’t have a letterhead or ready access to a computer, you can write a note on a page of copy paper and sign it. Then attach a business card to the bottom corner before giving it or sending it to someone. Include a business card with your outgoing mail and bill expenditures. Doesn’t most of the mail you receive include some type of promotion filler? You can use the same method with the mail you send.
In order for business cards to do the work, they’ve got to be well designed and you’ve got to get them out there into people’s hands.

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