Effective Business Cards Design | Selecting the Correct Font for Your Business Card

Effective Business Cards Design | Selecting the Correct Font...

Effective Business Cards Design | An effective business card is still an essential part of doing business. Business cards are utilized by people in big and small businesses. It reveals who an individual is. It gives people an indication of what the person is capable of doing in occasion that the service one offers is required in the future. You want your business card to stand out so that it will be unforgettable, and you want it to fit in to the professional opportunities of your clients. The font you select contributes much to the awareness of individuality and proficiency, and can create a prevailing first impression. There’s an art to picking font arrangements that will make your business card designs stand out and help give your message an influence. Each type of font has certain features that translate into that font’s character. A font might be thoughtful or light-hearted, old-style or modern, legible or ornamental, or any number of other character traits. The traits of the font that you use in any of your marketing resources and business communications should reflect and boost your business’s brand.

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Serif Fonts | Effective Business Cards Design

Basically, serifs are nothing but small enhancing elements of the letters. Readability studies have actually found that serif fonts are easier to read because the added strokes make each character more distinctive. Serif font, by typographic definition, is a font in which the built-in characters have particular semi-structural features or details at the ends of the lines or strokes that were used to outline a particular letter, number, or other character of the font. More distinct letters are easier for the eye to recognize quickly. This is why Serif fonts have always been among the key choices for printing books, newspapers, and magazines. However, in electronic media, due to the specificity of identifying a text on the computer screen, it is preferred to use Sans Serif rather than Serif fonts.

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Effective Business Cards Design | Selecting the Correct Font...

Sans-serif fonts | Effective Business Cards Design

Sans serif fonts are considered to be easy to read from a screen and so are very appropriate for body text. They are not quite as readable in print, so are used in headings, pull quotes and small tracts of text in magazines, books and brochures. If you’ve attended any print design courses you’ve undoubtedly been told that you should only use sans serif fonts for headings. Sans serif typefaces are considered more modern and include a variety of widths and shapes. One of the nice features of a sans serif typeface – and one of the things that makes it a flexible choice – is that it inclines to take on the characteristics of surrounding fonts. So a sans serif combined with an old style font will have an aged and classic feel.

Be Different but Delicate | Effective Business Cards Design

In today’s competitive marketing atmosphere you don’t want your brand to be just another poppy in the field. So think beyond what’s typical. You can make your business cards get noticed by using fonts that slightly stray from the norm. They are still easy to read but off just enough to grab and hold a reader’s consideration a little longer. Use power fonts to highlight the focal point of the business card design. Contact information and other small elements could become problematic to read if not in a standard font, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment.

Legibility is Important | Effective Business Cards Design

Some fonts are just designed to stand out from the crowd. To the degree that a typeface has character, essence, or distinction, however, it almost always suffers proportionately on the legibility scale. The legibility issue can be solved easily: pick a respectable font. When choosing a font, it is important to choose one that has enough variations in weight and style so that you can highlight certain elements of the text in the eyes of the visitor. Legibility is a major factor that determines the clarity of a font to a user since it is how clearly content can be read.

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Effective Business Cards Design | Selecting the Correct Font...

Effective Business Cards Design | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

You can mix fonts on your business card. Choose an uncommon but readable font for your business name, and then choose a simple Arial or Helvetica for the contact information. However, be extra careful here, because font mixtures that are too similar can look like a mistake — as if you’d been experimenting with different fonts and had forgotten to clean up after yourself. Also, fonts of the same classification, but from different font families, can easily create disharmony when combined. Their distinct characters don’t play well off of each other and create a kind of typographic mud if careful attention is not paid.

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