Effective Business Websites | Put Your Business On The Map: Top Tips For Designing A Business Website

Effective Business Websites | Put Your Business On The Map...

Effective Business Websites | Even the coolest trends go out of style. Whether it’s that eighth-grade haircut you wish you could forget, or a dated UI, few things stay popular forever. This is particularly true for website design, where the year’s top trends are outdated, and difficult to use by the start of the next year. As the web continues to change and evolve, new design trends, techniques, and ideas are constantly surfacing. Assessing your website’s design, content, and features from time to time can help you to make sure that your website is effective, and reaching your visitors in the best possible way.

Effective Business Websites | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your business website is everything, so you have to make sure it’s designed to perform its primary duty — converting visitors to clients. There’s nothing like a cluttered, clunky website to drive away potential clients. How can you make your website catch the attention of your potential clients? What makes a homepage brilliant, and not “blah?” Well, it’s really not only the looks that matter anymore – it also has to work well. Here are some tips to improve the key elements of your website.

Focus On Value | Effective Business Websites

What are you offering to your visitors? Why is it worth their time to visit your website? The main goal of your website must be to drive home your value proposition. Your goal should be to make it a “no brainer” for your potential client to purchase — or, at the very least, get them to subscribe to hear more from you in the future. If your website doesn’t achieve that, then you must fix that problem before you worry about how to present it. If you throw mud at a canvas, then even if it’s in a gold frame, it’s still just a canvas of mud.

Effective Business Websites | Put Your Business On The Map...

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Minimize Distractions | Effective Business Websites

One thing you never want a visitor to ask ask is, “Where do I go next?” Using things like flat design, and white space can do wonders for your website visitor’s experience. Try to keep everything simplistic, or even minimal, with only your most vital content spotlighted. Sometimes less really is more. Make sure your content has enough breathing room; give it proper margins, and it will help with legibility and focus. It’s especially important to avoid overwhelming users with walls of text.

If there are multiple calls to action, or the navigation has too many links to choose from, their attention is diverted in too many different directions. This means they’re too busy figuring out where to go, when they should be focused on your message and the benefits of your product or service.

Optimize Your Calls To Action | Effective Business Websites

You never want to be vague in your call-to-action. Give your visitor explicit instructions on what exactly you want them to do. Annotating your links means that you should write links that explain where the visitors is going to go, and what they are going to find there. By creating links that are clear and explanatory, you help them, and make them want to click.

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Effective Business Websites | Put Your Business On The Map...

Get The Most Out Of The Mobile Version | Effective Business Websites

What good is a well-designed website if it doesn’t look good on mobile devices? In today’s world, zilch. Using the responsive web design is now the best way to implement a mobile website. Instead of having to deal with a completely separate set of content, and a new design, you can use existing content that responds to the resolution of the device you’re using. After all, you don’t want to miss out on potential visitors just because they’re on the subway, do you?

Effective Business Websites | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make Your Text Easy To Read | Effective Business Websites

Text is vital. It’s there to give information and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. With that said – don’t make your visitors squint to read it. Limit the number of the fonts you use. One of the best ways to make your website look amateurish is to change the font over and over. Keep in mind that users who love to browse the web don’t want to take the time to read through long paragraphs of copy. Unless you’re designing a blog, or news site that relies on written content, paragraphs need to be short, and the majority of your pages shouldn’t feel crammed with text.

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