Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Engage Your Potential Clients Like A Pro With A Memorable And Effective Letterhead

Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Engage Your Potential Clients ...

Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | In spite of pretty much every aspect of our lives going online, certain business tools, such as the business stationery, are yet to be replaced. In fact, unlike what you may have heard, print is far from being dead, and many will argue that the old-fashioned stationery is more powerful than ever. Yes, you read that right! In an age of email, social media, and smartphones, the business card and the letterhead you use to engage potential and existing clients can do more for your business than you think!

Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Nowadays, business owners are using personalized stationery to do much more than to simply deliver a message – when done right, stationery items can help you stand out, reinforce your brand, boost exposure, and most importantly, grow your business! Today, we’ll take a closer look at one stationery item in particular and share our favorite tips to help you get the most out of it. We’re talking about letterheads! Read on to find out how you too can design a letterhead that works for you, or to check just how effective your existing letterhead is.

Sort Out The Essentials | Effective Letterhead Design Ideas

The ultimate purpose of your letterhead is to facilitate communication, and you need to treat it as a communication tool. You’re using it to deliver the message, sure, but chances are that both your potential and existing clients will want to get back to you. Instead of typing all of your contact details in the actual message, a customized letterhead will allow you to instantly provide your potential clients with all the most important contact details, from your phone number to the website address. Take some time and determine what’s most important – for example, if you haven’t received a fax in a few months, there’s really no need to include your fax number.

Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Engage Your Potential Clients ...

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Show Your True Colors | Effective Letterhead Design Ideas

Quite literally, show your colors! If you’ve been in the business for some time now, you probably have a color scheme you’ve been consistently using throughout your other materials, both online and off. If you haven’t defined your brand’s style guide, take inventory of your existing materials and see if there are any common elements tying them together. By using those elements on your letterhead, whether it’s color, fonts, brand-oriented words, or style of graphics you’ll turn your materials into powerful branding tools.

Using color isn’t great just for the branding purposes – it can help you grab the attention of your potential clients. Let’s face it, your letterhead is likely to end up in a pile of papers, and using color can help it instantly stand out. You can also use color to emphasize the important information and areas of interest, or even communicate a particular message without saying a word. Keep in mind, though, that each color has a different meaning, so do your research unless you’re willing to risk conveying the wrong message with a single brush stroke!

Ensure Readability | Effective Letterhead Design Ideas

Considering the ultimate goal of your letterhead will be to communicate a message, you need to choose a font, or a font scheme that’s not only different and appealing, but also readable. Listen, we’ve all got that one calligraphic font we adore, but if it’s difficult to read, you’ll definitely want to leave it out and stick with simpler fonts that are easy to read. Don’t sacrifice the usability for the sake of the visual appeal – at the end of the day, a letterhead is a communication tool, and if it fails to deliver the message, it will be a wasted investment, no matter how pretty it is.

In addition to paying attention to the actual font, make sure you’re using fonts large enough to be comfortably read without using a magnifying glass. While a smaller font can look readable on your computer screen, if you go below 8 pts for most fonts, the text will be more than likely to turn into an unreadable smudge. And lastly, the colors you use can also affect readability. For example, if you print a light gray font on white paper, it will be very difficult to read. Instead, what you’ll want to do is make sure there’s plenty of contrast between the text and the background. Black text on white background is the easiest combination for reading, especially if you have plenty of text!

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Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Engage Your Potential Clients ...

Keep It Simple | Effective Letterhead Design Ideas

Throughout the design stage, ask yourself which elements can be taken away or at least simplified without affecting the appeal of your letterhead. Much like in other niches of design, a letterhead isn’t perfect when there’s nothing left to be added, but when there’s nothing left to be removed. Remember, your message is the reason why you’re sending out the letterhead in the first place, so make sure the design doesn’t overshadow it and detract from its impact, which is far more likely with complex letterhead designs.

Effective Letterhead Design Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Give Your Potential Clients The Credit They Deserve | Effective Letterhead Design Ideas

While it technically isn’t a design tip, using the right paper stock is just as important as the design of your letterhead. We’re all tactile beings, and your potential clients will certainly feel the difference between the cheap office paper and more expensive, thicker paper stock, which means you’re not fooling anyone by using the cheapest paper. Using a thicker paper will help you leave a good impression and show your potential clients you pay attention to quality. To add that extra punch to your letterhead, look into different printing techniques such as letterpress effects (embossing and debossing), foil blocking, and die-cutting.

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