Effective Logos | Discover Five Secrets Behind Every Great Logo Design

Effective Logos | Discover Five Secrets Behind Every Great ...

Effective Logos | Perhaps you are a new business owner launching your company, ready to set the web a’fire with your new ideas… or maybe you’ve been around a bit, and are just realizing how a creative logo design can make a difference in your brand marketing. Either way, you know you need an effective logo, and you are wondering how to get started.

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Achieving a well designed logo requires hard work and being up to date with the latest trends in design. It’s probably the best way of building brand identity, making an impact on clients, and making sure that they’ll remember your website, and come back for another visit. Most logos communicate ideas, and the type of quality services a company can provide for its clients. More examples of logo design are out there than ever before, and with that comes the challenge of being different. How do you design something original that stands out in a sea of identities?

Learn about your audience | Effective Logos

Creating a logo design isn’t just about creating a beautiful visual. What you’re doing, or taking part in, is building a brand, and communicating a message. It makes sense, then, that the first step in creating a logo design should be to research your target audience. It’s impossible to find a shirt that fits everyone. But you can find a shirt that the majority likes. It’s also impossible to make one logo that everyone will relate to. But you can design a logo that the majority of your target audience will like.

Trendy designs or cutting edge graphics might create an eye-catching logo. However, what if your target audience is an older crowd? Think about whom you are trying to attract with your logo. Different type of people have different preferences in visual arts. Some like creativity, while some may like the traditional logo that has the name spelled out. Your logo represents your brand, and it need to be relevant to your audience.

Effective Logos | Discover Five Secrets Behind Every Great ...

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Keep it simple | Effective Logos

It is very likely that you will feel very passionately about your logo, which means that you have lots to say. Unfortunately, a logo doesn’t give you a lot of space to express all these thoughts, so shoot for precision without losing your meaning. Many of the world’s most recognized logos are, above everything else, simple. An intricate logo with swirls, shadows, lines and circles will only clutter your logo, and your brand.

A logo must be versatile | Effective Logos

In addition to being simple and memorable, your company logo has to be functional. Your design is amazing, beautiful, and stunning… but only on your 24 inch full HD monitor? Shrink that baby down to 100 pixels, and what have you got? A little undecipherable smudge. An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications, be it a Facebook profile picture, or a billboard.

You logo will need to look good, not only in the simple colors you used in its design, but also in black and white for fax or copied materials, and scaled for business cards, giveaways such as key chains, stress balls or ballpoint pens, and web-only designs where space might be limited. Your logo will also be seen on light backgrounds and on dark backgrounds, on small print material, on full-page designs and it will need to be able to look professional and creative in all of these mediums.

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Effective Logos | Discover Five Secrets Behind Every Great ...

Be original | Effective Logos

It may be tempting to look up other logos for inspirations at the initial stage. But don’t copy others! Your reputation would be destroyed and ethnics long lost. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, in the real world it’s just a lazy way to solve a creative problem. Do not use stock or clip art either — the point of a logo is to be unique and original.

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Make it last | Effective Logos

Unlike content that need to be updated frequently for SEO results, logos are meant to last. An effective logo should be timeless – that is, it will stand the test of time. Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, 50 years? Most logo designs are used for years, so be careful not to use ‘of the moment’ typefaces or styles that may date quickly.

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