Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Marketing Collateral! Design Tips For The Non-Designer

Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Maximize The Effective

Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | In today’s global marketplace it has become more and more important for small businesses to present a professional appearance to stay relevant and competitive, and your printed materials are a crucial element of your marketing strategy, conveying your brand image and promoting your services to both new and existing clients. Having a great website is good, but do you have effective printed marketing materials to match? Are your logo and color scheme consistent throughout all of your materials?

Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your potential clients don’t know what you can do for them unless you tell them. Communicate your brand’s unique story in well-designed marketing and advertising materials, from your business cards, brochures and other printed collateral. Even in the digital age, printed business materials play a huge role in how people perceive you. Your collateral can make your business come across as a well-established expert or an untrustworthy amateur – and that can be the difference between getting passed over or landing a new client. When it comes to designing your marketing collateral, use the following tips for great design.

What Is The Objective? | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

Just as every campaign has an objective, so too should each piece of marketing collateral. By defining this goal at the beginning, companies can design the ideal collateral around it. It will help you focus your marketing more effectively by preventing you from losing focus on the themes and types of content you want to promote. This goal will affect everything from the messages you write, how technical or simple your text will be written, which benefits you will emphasize, to the images used in the design.

Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Maximize The Effective

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Pay Attention To The Content | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

Business owners should decide as to what exactly the marketing collateral should contain and what should it be able to communicate to the potential clients. Determine the goal of creating your printed collateral and the relevant content information thoroughly. Start by figuring out three to four of the top issues for every audience/industry you’re targeting. Research indicates, and our experience confirms, that potential clients respond much better to content that discusses their challenges and problems — not your product.

Tell Your Story Effectively | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

People are scanners. It’s vital that the design is able to hook them into your content. This means high-impact imagery, outstanding headlines, bulletined text and short and well-structured paragraphs. Feature the most significant points of your collateral boldly in order to make an instant impact on the potential client. Write an attention-grabbing headline and brief, concise body copy. What are your trying to communicate? Your audience will remember clear messaging, not long paragraphs of text. Simplify the design, eliminate the jargon and emphasize clear takeaways.

Make Sure Fonts Are Readable | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

It’s often best to stick to the basic fonts – Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, Helvetica – to ensure readability. Don’t go too small, or you may find that some potential clients simply can’t decipher it! Speaking of fonts, just because you have over 1,500 of them does not mean you have to use them all at once. Don’t use more than two or three different fonts. Too many fonts tend to confuse and distract the reader’s eye rather than focus it.

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Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Maximize The Effective

Use Quality Base Materials | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

The type of paper you use, how quickly your website loads and even the quality of your recorded video all affect how well your potential clients respond to your marketing collateral. The best way to come across unprofessional is to use flimsy paper for your printed materials. There are many good-looking versions available – glossy, matte, textured. Make sure you do a test print to check if your design looks good on the paper type you chose. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you need to have the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible.

Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make It Easy To Access And Share | Effective Marketing Collateral Ideas

It’s a social world, as you may have heard. This means that all your content should be simple to access and share. In a click, a reader should be able to email your brochure to a colleague or tweet it out to the masses. Business owners tend to forget that it can be a wise idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help potential clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another opportunity for them to purchase from you.

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