Effective Marketing Tricks | Ridiculously Simple Photography Marketing Tips To Improve Your Online Presence And Book Yourself Solid!

Effective Marketing Tricks | Ridiculously Simple Photograph...

Effective Marketing Tricks | If your calendar isn’t completely booked for the rest of the year, you’re still not done marketing your business. Maybe you still haven’t started – which is perfectly okay. However, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to get more clients in through the door and grow your business. At the end of the day, you might be the world’s best photographer, but unless people actually hear about you and the services you’re providing, it won’t do you any good.

Effective Marketing Tricks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Traditional marketing tactics might feel clunky and too expensive for your small photography business, but that doesn’t mean you should completely give up on marketing. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming either if you go into it with some foresight and a little bit of planning. Whether you just started your photography business, or you’ve been in the industry for some time now, we’re sure you’ll find something in our today’s list of the most effective marketing tricks that will help propel your business forward.

Pay Attention To Your Website | Effective Marketing Tricks

Having a photography website where you can showcase your work is practically expected in addition to having a printed portfolio, so if you’re just starting out in the industry, you’ll want to set up an appealing and effective website that gets you hired. If you’ve been in the industry for a few years, it’s time to go back to your website and see if it’s still got what it takes to make you stand out and appeal to your target audience.

Effective Marketing Tricks | Ridiculously Simple Photograph...

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Keep in mind that your website should be a showcase of the best examples of your work, not your cloud storage – in other words, deliberately choose only the examples that showcase your unique style of photography, your skills and talent. The goal here is to show your potential clients what you can do for them, and not overwhelm them with 20 pictures you took in burst mode and are practically identical.

Set Up A Blog | Effective Marketing Tricks

The benefits of setting up a blog on your website are endless – not only does a blog give you a great opportunity to use your target keywords and boost your website’s search engine rankings, but it will also keep your visitors coming back for more. Think about it – photographers are notorious for updating their websites every 3-6 months, which leaves nothing that will keep your visitors talking about your website. By posting interesting content related to your particular niche or business, you’ll give search engines material to index and your visitors content to read and share.

Build A Memorable Brand | Effective Marketing Tricks

Creating a logo for your photography business will only get you so far when it comes to branding your business. Sure, the logo is the backbone of your brand – but you’ll also want to ensure all of your marketing materials, both online and off, effectively and consistently reinforce your brand by using the same color scheme, fonts, and featuring your logo on every piece of paper that leaves your office and each picture you post online.

Pay attention to the tone of voice you’re using – many business owners mistakenly believe they can use a laid back tone of voice on social media, and revert to formal business talk on their website. This will only confuse your potential clients and portray you as inconsistent. Consider

Tweet, Share, Fave, And Like | Effective Marketing Tricks

Social media is no longer just for teenagers to browse during the lunch break! Today, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are an incredibly powerful marketing tool you can use to grow your business – and the best part: they’re absolutely free to use. Once you create a solid social media plan, it will require only 10-20 minutes a day to boost your social media presence.

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Effective Marketing Tricks | Ridiculously Simple Photograph...

Keep in mind that it’s called social for a reason – don’t just bombard your followers with endless sales messages – instead, create interesting original content, share tips and tricks that will grab the attention of your potential clients, and engage them in a conversion. This way you’ll not only stand out, but you’ll also build a reputation of an established expert in your field.

People Love Free Stuff | Effective Marketing Tricks

Many satisfied clients will be more than happy to send their friends your way, but not every client will go out of their way to refer you to their friends, which is why you should consider offering them a reward for each new client they send your way. People love free stuff, so think about offering something that won’t cost you too much – like a few free prints or a discount on the total amount.

Effective Marketing Tricks | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Keep in mind that it’s not only your clients that appreciate gifts – other vendors will appreciate a discount as well, and you’d be surprised how loyal business owner can get once you really hit it off with each other. If you’re shooting a wedding, for example, take a few professional shots of the flower arrangements and send them to the florist, telling them how much you appreciate referrals.

Get Out Of Your Pajamas | Effective Marketing Tricks

No one will ever represent your business better than you will, so get out there and start networking! Join clubs, attend exhibits, and always have a stack of professionally designed business cards handy. Just make sure that the business cards you hand out have the correct and up-to-date information on them, and that they actually appeal to your target audience.

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