Effective Online Marketing | Let’s Stay Together: How To Keep Customers On Your Website

Effective Online Marketing | Let’s Stay Together: How To Kee...

Effective Online Marketing | The main goal of your website is to bring in new clients, so it should be designed around directing the visitor towards the ‘Hire Me’ button. However, this should be a bit more subtle than it sounds! You have 3-5 seconds (if not less) to leave a good impression on a visitor and keep them on your website. If your website is slow, ugly, weak in content, or just not resourceful, potential clients will certainly leave. It must be more than a nice looking website, it must also be a useful website.

Effective Online Marketing | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A well-designed website is one of the most vital elements of the success of any business. It can directly affect the conversion rates by effectively guiding visitors towards you, but what are the factors that do such wonders? You’ve probably spent a long time designing your website, and it can be a hard fact to face that your website could be actually working against you. But chances are there are at least a couple of ways your website could be working harder for you.

Use Attractive Visual Design | Effective Online Marketing

Only several milliseconds pass before the human eye makes a definitive and irrevocable first impression. Your website should be attractive and easy to digest. Grab people’s attention by using high quality images that match your brand’s message. White space gives important website elements room to breathe, and makes it easier for visitors to scan your content. White space with plenty of high-resolution images keeps visitors on your website. A cluttered design will distract your visitors and hinder your sales opportunities.

Effective Online Marketing | Let’s Stay Together: How To Kee...

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Add Directional Cues | Effective Online Marketing

A directional cue is something like an arrow, or other line that draws the eye to an important element on a website, usually the call-to-action. When you see this written down, it may seem a bit laughably simple, but you can’t help but follow the direction of an arrow. And they don’t need to jump out of the design at your visitors. A subtle use in the design is much wiser idea, as it leads the eye, but doesn’t become so attention seeking that it overshadows the actual button it’s pointing to!

Thoughtfully Select A Color Palette | Effective Online Marketing

When it comes to designing a web site that converts well, it is crucial to choose the best color palette. The colors you choose for your design make a big difference to the people’s perceptions, and the actions they eventually take. A recent study found that 93% of people say that visuals are a key factor in purchase decisions. Additionally, colors tend to be associated with different emotions, so a basic understanding of color psychology is helpful. It’s important to remember that different cultures view colors differently.

Perfect The Readability Of Your Website | Effective Online Marketing

Sales and informative content is a vital element for increasing conversions. This means your text has to be easily readable. When designing a website that converts visitors into clients, carefully consider font size, font color, and background color. Use larger headings for the most important elements on the page, while using smaller font sizes for less vital content. This gives you the trifecta of great design, readability, and a great user experience.

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Effective Online Marketing | Let’s Stay Together: How To Kee...

Revitalize Your CTA Designs | Effective Online Marketing

Call-to-action designs have the tendency to get old and boring, especially when they’re used over and over again within different marketing assets. Think about it: if you saw the same call-to-action design every time you visited a particular website, it probably wouldn’t get you clicking. Diversify your CTAs, and keep them above the fold and near the top of the page, so no scrolling, or eye-darting is required to see it. Additionally, your CTA should look clickable, preferably resembling a real button, so your visitors know what to do.

Effective Online Marketing | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Social Proof | Effective Online Marketing

For consumers, there’s safety in numbers. Nothing gets people to purchase like the knowledge that other people have done the same before them. If you want to keep visitors on your website, present professional, trustworthy material by including testimonials, privacy trust seals, and a detailed privacy policy. The ability to prove to your website visitors that others are happy with their purchases is huge factor when it comes to closing a sale or converting a visitor. You can collect testimonials on your own by conducting surveys, using a testimonial app, or simply asking your clients.

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