Effective Photography Business Stationery | Four Key Questions Photographers Need To Answer When Designing Business Stationery

Effective Photography Business Stationery | Four Key Questions Ph...

Effective Photography Business Stationery | Business stationery is one of the most overlooked business tools any entrepreneur can have in their tool box. It’s a communication tool at its heart, but it can also be used to build brand awareness, market your services, and so much more. However, not all business stationery is created equal. From cheap templates to questionable printing companies, you can have a stationery package ready and printed for less than $50. However, these items have all the telltale signs of amateur design and can actually do more damage to your photography business than good!

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Potential clients will start forming their first impression of you and the services you’re providing long before they land on your website and check out your portfolio page. The stationery items you use to communicate with your potential and existing clients will leave that crucial first impression more often than you think, and seemingly irrelevant things like the paper stock you use for your business card can be the critical difference between a potential client visiting your website and scheduling a session and a lost sale. Wondering what it takes to design a stationery package that will propel your photography business forward? Read on to find out!

What Is Stationery? Should I Even Care? | Effective Photography Business Stationery

Business stationery is often defined as office supplies (specially paper and envelopes) used for writing, typing, or printing. But you’re a photographer, so ain’t nobody got time for that, right? Granted, you don’t spend your days behind a desk jotting things down in a notepad, but you do send out thank you cards, packages, hand out business cards and send letters to your existing and potential clients and business partners! While you can print out a letter on a the regular office paper, the impression you’ll leave with a custom letterhead will be much more memorable!

Effective Photography Business Stationery | Four Key Questions Ph...

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How Can I Bring Everything Together? | Effective Photography Business Stationery

Even though your logo will oftentimes play the second fiddle to your work, it’s still the face of your business and it will represent you and everything you can do for your potential clients, and it will convey the nature of your brand without a single word. This is why whenever we’re designing branded materials for our clients incorporate the logo, or at least certain elements of the logo throughout their materials to ensure consistency. Our goal, as yours should be, is to make sure all the materials look and feel like they came from the same source.

This can also be achieved by using the same color scheme throughout the design – from the business card to the email signature. Color is the designer’s best friend: it can help grab the attention of your potential clients, guide the eye to the most important elements, and even convey specific messages. However, be careful when using color when using it for your stationery items – it can not only add to the printing costs, but also communicate a wrong message if you don’t do your homework and research your colors. Remember, each color has a different meaning and can evoke a different emotion, so keep your target audience in mind and forget about your personal preferences!

How Much Is Too Much? | Effective Photography Business Stationery

While adding color to your stationery items can be a great idea, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go overboard with it. We usually advise our clients to keep the number of colors down to 2 or 3. Not only will you keep the cost down, but you’ll also make sure the design stays clean and simple. Stationery items are communication tools after all, so the last thing you want is the design to overshadow the message. Too many contrasting colors will definitely grab a potential client’s attention, but it might be for all the wrong reasons!

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Effective Photography Business Stationery | Four Key Questions Ph...

Another thing you’ll need to pay special attention to are the fonts. Just like with the colors, you’ll also want to stick to 2-3 fonts max. The reason is actually quite simple: the human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once, which makes reading longer paragraphs of text practically impossible. The font itself is also a vital factor when it comes to readability! You might have that one calligraphic font you love in mind, but if it’s not easy to read, it probably doesn’t belong on your stationery items. Instead, opt for a font that’s easy on the eye in a size that makes the text readable without forcing your potential clients to use a magnifying glass to read the content!

What Contact Details Are Most Important? | Effective Photography Business Stationery

As obvious as it may sound, make sure you always include contact information on your stationery items. Keep in mind that you will also have to choose the most appropriate and important contact details for each stationery item, simply because some of the items may not be big enough to fit them all on! So, where should you start? The name of your business should definitely be there, as well as your logo. Space permitting, you’ll want to include your contact details such as your phone number, email address, URL, and even social media links if you use those platforms to promote your services.

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There you have it – some of the most important considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when designing your stationery items. While technically not a design tip, you’ll also want to carefully consider the paper stock you use for your stationery items. Even the best design will be powerless if you decide to cut corners and get the cheapest paper. No one likes a limp handshake, so why would anyone like a limp business card?

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