Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Book Yourself Solid! The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable Photography Marketing Tips For Getting More Clients

Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Book Yourself Solid! The Fast

Effective Photography Marketing Tips | One of the biggest challenges on your way to becoming a professional photographer and making money from doing what you love is figuring out how to get clients. Countless new photographers enter the industry on a daily basis and the competition continues to increase, which means you, as a photographer, have to step up your marketing game. If you’re just launching a business, it may feel like you can’t get the message in front of the right people. However, marketing does not have to be overwhelming or expensive, but it does have to be creative to get your potential clients to choose you out of millions of fellow photographers.

Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

In today’s competitive photography industry, it is not enough to take stunning pictures and set up a website, hoping your phone will start ringing off the hook. The truth is, if you’re not completely booked up yet, you are not done with marketing. You’ve got the technical know-how, but what about the business and marketing side? Strapped for cash and searching for ways to generate buzz around your photography? No problem. Here are a few key ways to help you stand out to the vast number of potential clients for all the right reasons and grab their attention.

Get Creative With Print | Effective Photography Marketing Tips

As a photographer, you can use your Photoshop skills not just for retouching and editing the pictures you take, but for marketing as well. For example, you can design a great business cards using your own pictures and hand them out as referral cards. Also, you may design a nice “thank you” card for your clients or a Christmas card to send to your most interested potential clients. If you have a studio, put samples of your albums, cards, prints and other products in your potential clients’ hands as much as you can. If you don’t own a studio, bring samples to all your consultations and sessions so people can take a look at them before they schedule a session.

Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Book Yourself Solid! The Fast

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Don’t Forget The Testimonials | Effective Photography Marketing Tips

People look to others and their experiences when making purchase decisions, so the more you can showcase testimonials, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. We are all now used to looking for online reviews of products and services. So, once you’ve delivered work to a client, simply ask whether they can write down a few sentences regarding their experience or working with you. Use testimonials from past clients that talk about what they did with their products and how they enhance their life.

Blog Regularly | Effective Photography Marketing Tips

Blogging is an effective way to share your expertise and bring people useful content using your own experience. Regular blog posts that are based on your ideal client’s interests will reinforce your reputation of an experienced expert and attract natural search traffic to your website. For example, wedding photographers may want to publish a series on their websites with great tips for brides for having better wedding photography, such as hiring a professional lighting company or not getting ready in a church kitchen, whereas portrait photographers will probably want to post tips on what to wear to a session.

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Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Book Yourself Solid! The Fast

Be Where Your Ideal Client Is | Effective Photography Marketing Tips

Is your ideal client on Facebook? Twitter? Google+? Be there. Why would you want to get on Facebook when you are already blogging? Because that’s where your clients are, and it’s a great chance to engage with them in a fun, social way. Twitter and Google+ tend to appeal more to other business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public, then those two might be a much better place to focus your time.

Effective Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Network! | Effective Photography Marketing Tips

When it comes to your brand, YOU are the most powerful marketing tool you can use. The decisions you make about your appearance and your communication style (both written and verbal) affect the success of your business, whether you like it or not. Get involved with other professionals in your local area. It’s amazing how loyal business owners can be towards each other when you really hit if off. Make sure you’re promoting their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to reciprocate.

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