Effective Portfolio Tips | How To Make A Photography Portfolio: 6 Tips For Telling Your Story

Effective Portfolio Tips | How To Make A Photography Port...

Effective Portfolio Tips | If you are trying to break into professional photography, there’s no better time than now to create your portfolio. Your photography portfolio may be the single most vital thing that you can show to potential clients and employers. They’ll look for photographers who can produce work that showcases technical skill and unique talent. It’s really not too hard to build a portfolio once you get your creativity flowing.

Effective Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A stunning collection of your best works is one of the most effective ways to portray your skills and talents, especially when it can be viewed online and around the world. In addition to your best work, what features are found in successful photography portfolios? What are the most important things to consider when presenting your best work? What elements will help you turn visits into photography assignments?

Define The Goal And Purpose | Effective Portfolio Tips

It is essential to consider your goal and your purpose before designing a portfolio. Doing so will make the process a lot easier. Are you creating it for a job interview, or are you looking to get your work exhibited at a gallery? Maybe you just want to bring your work together to present it? A job interview might require you to showcase a variety of skills and techniques, whereas a collection for an exhibition would require a single unifying theme and will require to be presented with the gallery setting in mind.

Effective Portfolio Tips | How To Make A Photography Port...

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Include Only Your Best Work | Effective Portfolio Tips

In other professions, people use their resumes to apply for potential jobs. However, as a photographer, your portfolio will act as the resume and will showcase the breadth of your work. It’s vital that you include only your very best work in your portfolio. It should not only show that you’ve done good work, but also that you have the ability to self-edit. Including pieces that are meaningful to you, but are not your best, will only reflect badly on you. If a shot has any flaws, or is out of focus, leave it out. It’s much better to have a few perfect shots, than a large collection of fairly good shots.

Only Use High Resolution Images | Effective Portfolio Tips

When a potential client goes to your see your portfolio, they want to see high resolution, professional looking images. So give them that! Don’t display “full size” images at 300px by 300px. The presentation of the shots is vital to the reaction from your visitors. A badly presented collection of great photographs just won’t do them justice and you’ll come away disappointed. The visitor is there to see your work at its greatest quality, not a low quality optimized for bandwidth.

Make It Easy For Your Users To Contact You | Effective Portfolio Tips

Regardless of how good your work is, if your potential clients can’t get in touch with you, you’re not getting any work. If the goal of your portfolio is to land you assignments, then make sure a client knows how to contact you so you can actually get one. The easiest way is to include your contact details on every page in your website — including your portfolio. Include something small and subtle at the bottom of each page that doesn’t take attention away from the images, but is there when a client decides to pick up the phone.

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Effective Portfolio Tips | How To Make A Photography Port...

Keep It Fresh | Effective Portfolio Tips

The best portfolios are never static. As you create new and better work, make sure you make additions to showcase your latest projects, but with the same focus on careful curation! Users are used to seeing new content each and every time they visit a website. We’ve grown out of seeing the same old stuff on every visit. As you grow as a professional and add different elements to your style (or polish it), don’t forget to reflect that growth in the portfolio.

Effective Portfolio Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Who Will look At Your Portfolio? | Effective Portfolio Tips

Well, no one. Portfolios don’t go out and find people. The fact that you have created a sleek showcase of your work won’t bring in one client. Make sure you create a portfolio that enables you to take control of the search engine optimization, and includes search engine friendly URLs, crawl-able content, and unique meta tags. These features will drive traffic to specific places on your site and build links to more than just your homepage.

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