Effective Stationery | Four Tips for Bringing Your Marketing Collateral Back From the Dead

Effective Stationery | Four Tips for Bringing Your Marketing...

Effective Stationery | We work in a creative industry, so whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing or design agency, a photographer or an aspiring videographer, your collateral should be presented in a creative and memorable way! Choose stationery that meets your marketing objectives, looks distinctive and provides as much information as possible about your services and products. Marketing collateral consists of just about anything that captures – and holds – a potential client’s attention, so you can turn them into a paying client. The best business cards, letterheads and other collateral let potential and existing clients know what they can expect from your business at a glance.

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Contact Information | Effective Stationery

To stay competitive, you need to provide information about your business to employees, investors, existing and potential clients, media, and the general public on a regular basis. As obvious as it sounds, make sure you always include contact information on your custom printing items. You will have to choose the most appropriate and key contact details for each stationery item (as some of the items may not be big enough to fit them all on!). Incorporating your company address, phone number, email address, fax number and any other methods of communication that you feel are important into the design of your stationery will make it easy for potential clients to reach you.

Keep it simple | Effective Stationery

One of the most important principles behind designing effective stationery is to keep the design as simple as possible. Keep in mind that your stationery is a delivery mechanism – it’s not the content itself, rather the supporting structure that delivers that content. Choosing a design that offers elements of clean white space will help your message stand out. A design that is too busy will distract clients from noticing the important things on the stationery, such as your contact information and logo.

Effective Stationery | Four Tips for Bringing Your Marketing...

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You need to decide what are the critical pieces of information you want your stationery to convey, and design using this hierarchy of importance so that the most important information is positioned obviously and accessibly, while less important information can be reduced in size and tucked away in a less obtrusive part of the design.

Use color | Effective Stationery

Make sure that you carefully represent the branding when designing your stationery. This isn’t just about the logo, but the choice of colors too. Color is always a great tool with stationery and other marketing materials – it attracts attention and makes the read all that bit more interesting! Not only can it highlight a section, but it can also communicate specific ideas and emotions, create associations and reinforce branding.

Company colors are typically used to make sure the stationery design remains consistent with other branding. At all times color must be used selectively to the purpose of emphasizing company name. Limit color choices to those that are consistent with your branding.

Include images | Effective Stationery

It’s a known fact that we process imagery far quicker and easier than text, so, where possible, include pictures and images to break down your stationery, but make sure the imagery is always relevant to your business or the marketing purpose of each stationery item. If you have an appropriate image to include, using it in your design can make your stationery stand out. However, using clip art is not a good idea, as it makes your stationery look generic.

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Effective Stationery | Four Tips for Bringing Your Marketing...

Select the best font type | Effective Stationery

Whilst most businesses will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not opt for unreadable or complicated fonts. Potential clients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can portray information clearly and efficiently. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable.

If a particular font has been used elsewhere within the company identity – it may be appropriate to use that font for the stationery design. Otherwise, as a rule of thumb, incorporate no more than two fonts in any design. Fonts should be selected to remain consistent with company image at all times.

Effective Stationery | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Pay attention to paper quality | Effective Stationery

Choosing high-quality paper for your business stationery can make it look more professional. A client will notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper. If you produce a flimsy and poorly designed piece of custom printing stationery – let’s say a brochure – your potential clients will likely compare the quality of your brochure to the quality of your services. Always think quality over quantity and use quality substrates for your custom printing that will depict your business in a professional light.

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