Effortless Logo Design Guide | Six Key Tips To Make Sure Your Logo Appeals To Your Ideal Client

Effortless Logo Design Guide | Six Key Tips To Make Sure Your Logo...

Effortless Logo Design Guide | Creating a logo is ridiculously easy, right? You write the name of your business, paste a random shape next to it and call it a day? Not so fast! A lot of thought, planning and creativity goes into designing a logo. In other words, you don’t simply sit down and draw a logo while watching your favorite show. It’s no wonder that logo designers are in high demand — a logo represents a business and is often a company’s first impression, which means it can affect a client’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward a product or a service.

Effortless Logo Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A logo is so much more than some colors, fonts and random shapes thrown together. It is the face of your business and your brand’s identity, to the extent that, more often than not, a logo will be more identifiable than even the brand’s name! For a symbol that ties together the entire brand and represents your business, you’ll need to make sure it’s able to represent everything you stand for and grab the attention of your potential clients. To help you get started on the right track, we gathered some of the most important things we learned designing logos for our clients.

Know Your Target Audience | Effortless Logo Design Guide

In order for your logo to attract your ideal clients, you need to know exactly who they are. And we’re talking specifics here – you need to know who your ideal client is in terms of age, gender, location and even finances. You’ll also need to figure out what it is that appeals to them and can grab their attention at a single glance. Are you targeting high-school seniors or senior citizens? Is your target demographic mostly male or female? Each group will be attracted to a different design, and your job is to come up with something that will resonate with your ideal client.

Effortless Logo Design Guide | Six Key Tips To Make Sure Your Logo...

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Know Your Industry | Effortless Logo Design Guide

Knowing your ideal client is a good start, but it’s not enough to create an effective logo – you’ll also need to know a bit more about your industry, and your particular niche. Take a look at some of your competitors’ logos and see if there are any common elements you’ll want to include in your logo as well. However, keep in mind that there’s a difference between using other logos in your industry as inspiration and copying them. You need to think outside the box and find an opening for something new. How is your logo supposed to stand out if it looks exactly like all other logos in your niche?

Make It Readable | Effortless Logo Design Guide

The goal of having a logo designed is to boost your brand’s exposure and help your potential and existing clients remember you and your business better. They can remember your business only if they can actually read the name of it – which is why it’s vitally important you include the name of your business in your logo and use fonts that are easy to read. There’s no point of having a logo if you’re going to use a complex calligraphic font that’s impossible to read, so stick to simple fonts that are easy on the eye. And lastly, you’ll want to make sure you’re not using too many fonts in your logo as the human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colors | Effortless Logo Design Guide

Color is an incredibly powerful tool of every designer. It can help your logo stand out from the crowd, emphasize important elements and guide the attention of the viewer. However, remember that each and every color has a meaning, so don’t fall into the trap of communicating a wrong message just because of a simple brush stroke. There’s another important factor you’ll need to keep in mind – the cost of printing. The more colors you use, the more expensive it will get when it comes to printing hundreds of business cards.

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Effortless Logo Design Guide | Six Key Tips To Make Sure Your Logo...

But Don’t Go Overboard Either | Effortless Logo Design Guide

“Less is more” has never been more true. While you do want your logo to be different and attention-grabbing, you’ll want to make sure you don’t go overboard with design elements. Try and limit the number of colors and fonts to 3 each, and remove all the design elements that you can’t explain why you used it. Complicated logos are not only harder to understand and remember, but they’ll also a lot more difficult to use. For example, a complex logo might look perfectly good on your computer screen, but when it comes to printing it on business cards, it might turn into an unrecognizable smudge.

Effortless Logo Design Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Use It | Effortless Logo Design Guide

Once you have a logo designed, make sure you use it – use it as a watermark on your images, on your business cards and other stationery items, in your marketing materials and feature it on your website, as well as social media networks. A study has found that a consumer needs to see a logo at least 7 time to remember it, which is why you need to feature your logo on pretty much every piece of paper that leaves your office. By using every opportunity to get your logo in front of your potential clients, you’ll improve the exposure and the chances of your potential clients actually remembering your business.

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