Email Marketing | You’ve Got Mail! Create Newsletters that People Will Want to Read

Email Marketing | You've Got Mail! Create Newsletters that ...

Email Marketing | Almost every business has an email newsletter these days. From retailers advertising sales, to organizations showcasing information and events, the email newsletter is one of the most used marketing tools out there. A major player in the realm of digital media, email marketing can an incredibly effective, and cost-efficient opportunity to reach out to both new and returning clients. The only problem? With the amount of spam and junk emails nowadays, it’s easy to get overlooked.

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Newsletters, regularly distributed as print or electronic material, convey information aimed at people interested in a specific topic. Business and organizations use newsletters as a tool to keep clients, members or subscribers informed on the topic involved. And for it to really be effective, it must look good. Take a good look at your newsletter. Try to ignore the content for a second, and focus simply on the look — does it appear visually compelling, professionally designed, and uncluttered?

Keep it clean | Email Marketing

There are numerous reasons to keep your design clean: you want a design that’s easy on the eyes of your clients, and too many bells and whistles can lead to distortion among the various email clients and web browsers. Use white space to allow your readers to breathe between sections, and include short paragraphs with concise text. A little white space also helps the eyes scan your newsletter more efficiently.

Email Marketing | You've Got Mail! Create Newsletters that ...

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Slim it down | Email Marketing

The email inbox is a noisy, busy place for a newsletter to land. Hundreds of other emails are already on the pile, with folders, calendars and notes on all sides. Get to the point quickly, instead of burying the value under a mountain of greetings, headers and long intros. Figure out why someone would want your email, and then tell them how you can help them.

You send out newsletters because you have great information to share, but you don’t have to dump all of your information into one email. Keep the articles, or stories in the newsletter short and to the point. The newsletter format is not the same as a magazine feature article.

Go BIG with images | Email Marketing

Traditional advice is to keep your newsletter simple. However, what’s more important is that at a glance your newsletter design reflects you, your brand and your message. Originality – what’s wrong with that? It is hard to overlook a great image, so consider a stunning visual at the top of each email newsletter as a way to draw people in.

Pictures can be really evocative – choose those that you love, and that you feel reflect you and your business. Take the time to make the images look as great as possible with a bit of help from Photoshop, or if you have have someone on the team who can draw, then ask them to get involved!

Make it touchable | Email Marketing

Make sure your newsletters are compatible with mobile devices. A significant percentage of readers will view the email on a phone or tablet, so make sure your email works in these environments. With mobile in mind, your call to action buttons should be a fair size for the human finger. The average adult finger pad is 10-14 mm, which roughly translates to 37-53 pixels, so a button of 50 pixels is a good idea.

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Email Marketing | You've Got Mail! Create Newsletters that ...

Give readers a way to opt out | Email Marketing

You could be tempted to hide the “Unsubscribe” link in Tiny Gray Font Land at the bottom of the page, but putting it there is a bad idea. There’s no point in emailing people who are not interested in your services any more. If your content is no longer relevant to them, let them unsubscribe easily. Constant unsolicited emails will give your company a bad name, and could very quickly become an legal issue.

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Test before sending | Email Marketing

If you’re still not testing your emails, you’re living in the past! Nothing ruins an email like a broken link, distorted text, or a typo in the subject line! You can test it yourself using a few different email accounts. It’s a good idea to test in Outlook, Gmail, Internet Explorer and on a smart phone. There are always things that can go wrong – whether that’s to do with the wording, the images or the technical delivery – that you just won’t notice until you put yourself in the mind of the subscriber.

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