Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Designing A Website For Your Photography Business? Here’s What You Need To Look For

Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Designing A Website For ...

Essential Photography Web Design Trends | It’s that time of the year again! We take a deep breath, relax, and start mentally preparing for another year. But if you’re a business owner, you need to prepare your business for the new year as well. When was the last time you took a look at the services you’re offering? Are they still relevant? What about your prices? Many photographers tweak their prices and packages as they go, but most will forget one crucial element – their website. At the end of the day, you might have the best prices and most innovative service, but if your website is outdated, you’re more than likely to be losing more business than you think!

Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Website Design –

Web design, much like the world of fashion, is driven by trends. And just like with fashion, trends come and go, and only some of them stick long enough to become standards. If your website is older than a couple of years, chances are it’s looking pretty dated. And we’re not talking only about the content. Sure, you want your website to feature your latest packages, but the design itself should be regularly updated as well. Now, if you have a website, you might get away with a few tweaks to make it feel fresh again. Or, you might need to do a complete overhaul. Either way, there are a few things you’ll definitely want to include in 2017.

Let Your Content Shine! | Essential Photography Web Design Trends

Not so long ago, website content was almost considered an afterthought. The absolute star of every website was the design. In other words, the flashier and more gimmicky the website, the more attention it got, even if it meant making finding the right content more difficult. Today, however, the main goal is no longer setting up a “pretty” website. If your website feels cluttered, you’ll definitely want to simplify the design. This will let your photos shine and take the center stage. Think about it – you’re showcasing your work, not the mad skills of your designer!

Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Designing A Website For ...

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Play Around With Different Fonts | Essential Photography Web Design Trends

If you use only the fonts installed on your computer, you’re limiting not only your options, but also your chances of standing out. There’s an entire typography industry out there, and the good news is that not all great fonts are premium. You’ll definitely want to do some research, as many photographers are starting to realize the awesome effect interesting typography can have when combined with stunning photography. Big, bold fonts on top of inviting photos will not only grab the attention of the visitor, but can keep them scrolling and present the content in a new way.

Keep in mind that we don’t necessarily mean that the fonts should always be bold and large. What we mean is that you should dedicate significant screen real estate to simple, short statements. If you have a tagline, use it on your landing page. You can place a simple photo without too many details as the background. You don’t want to use a cluttered photo with too many details competing for the attention of the visitor. We live in a fast and busy world, and these concise, yet powerful statements will become bread-and-butter of your website.

Mobile Design Is No Longer Optional | Essential Photography Web Design Trends

This isn’t actually a new trend, but it’s one that’s been gaining more and more importance, so if your website hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices, you’ll definitely want to look into it. A recent study found that 79% of users will leave the site they’re browsing and find another if it isn’t optimized for the device they’re using. Almost half the web users are using mobile devices to access the Internet, so you can’t afford not to optimize your website if you’re serious about your business.

It’s not just your visitors that care about mobile-friendliness of your website. Mobile devices have become so popular, in fact, that even search engines rank mobile-friendly websites higher. This means you’re more likely to get more traffic to your website if you optimize it for mobile devices, as it will be easier to find using search engines. This is where responsive design comes into play – instead of setting up two different pages, you can set up one responsive website that automatically adapts to any screen size.

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Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Designing A Website For ...

Bring Your Website To Life | Essential Photography Web Design Trends

Animation has long played an important role in the world of design, but thanks to great advancements, they’re a lot easier to create nowadays, which is why we’re seeing more of them on websites as well. After all, animation helps communicate things easier and quicker than text and video can. Now, don’t mistake this trend for the return of cheap, Flash animations that were wildly popular ten years ago. This means that animations should perform meaningful functions for users, instead of just inspiring migraines.

Essential Photography Web Design Trends | Website Design –

Slim Down… Your Navigation Bar | Essential Photography Web Design Trends

Navigation bar is a critical website element. It helps visitors get from one page to another easily. The last thing you want is to force your visitor to click around endlessly, looking for the information they need. This is why you need to simplify the navigation bar and include only the most important links. You can always tuck away the other less important links in the secondary navigation, such as the sidebar, or even in the footer of the relevant pages, otherwise you risk overwhelming your visitors with too many options.

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