Expert Branding Ideas | You’ve Got A Logo, So Now What? 6 Tips For Building A Strong Photography Brand

Expert Branding Ideas | You've Got A Logo, So Now What? 6 Tips For ...

Expert Branding Ideas | In our previous post we covered the most important principles of logo design, so now, hopefully, you’ve got a much better idea of what it takes to design a logo that stands out from the sea of identities for all the right reasons and grabs the attention of your target audience. But in order to establish yourself as a reliable industry leader, you’ll need to go beyond your logo and build a solid brand. And unlike what many branding agencies will have you believe, it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming!

Expert Branding Ideas | Website Design –

So, if your brand is not your logo, what is it? It’s the complete identity of your photography business – it’s the image you want to portray and it’s the opinion your existing and potential clients have of you – and it comes to life when those two match. To help you create a strong and memorable brand that will get you noticed (and booked solid), we gathered some of the most effective, yet budget-friendly tips you can start implementing into your everyday routine. Let’s dive right in!

Don’t Be A Copycat! | Expert Branding Ideas

Many photographers, especially when just starting out, are tempted to copy, imitate or parody what successful businesses in their area are doing, hoping to get the same results. This pretty much never works, and even when it does work, it’s never as effective as it could be if you built a unique brand around your own values and vision. How do you want your potential clients to perceive you? What makes you different from all the other photographers in your area? Is it lower rates, quicker turnaround, excellent customer service? Or are you a luxurious, business-oriented, high-end brand? Discovering your brand is like a journey to a self-discovery, and questions like these will get you there much faster!

Expert Branding Ideas | You've Got A Logo, So Now What? 6 Tips For ...

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Keep Your Promises | Expert Branding Ideas

Even the most charming photographer is never going to build a reputation of an industry leader unless they meet and exceed the client’s expectations. In other words, your brand has to talk the talk and walk the walk. So, if you say that you’ll deliver the images in less than 48 hours, make sure you deliver the images in less than 48 hours. Failing to keep your promises will portray you as an unreliable amateur – and bad customer experience news travels a lot faster than the good! This is especially important in the photography industry, as photographers rely heavily on referrals to book new gigs.

Never Stop Working On Yourself | Expert Branding Ideas

Some photographers stop focusing on offering great products and services the moment they become successful. This is a mistake. We’ve all heard of world-renown companies going under simply because their products stop meeting the expectations of the public. What can you do as a photographer and a small business owner to avoid that? Every now and then review the packages you’re offering and tweak them to stay competitive, think of new services you can introduce, and research new equipment. This will not only allow you to stay in business, but will actually keep your business growing.

Create A Consistent Visual Identity | Expert Branding Ideas

There are countless ways you can engage your potential and existing clients, both online and off, whether you’re emailing them, sending them prints, or mentioning them on social media, and you need to ensure consistency throughout all of them! This is where style guidelines come in handy. These guidelines govern the use of brand colors, graphics, and even fonts, so if you outsource the design of your brochure, the designer will have a much better idea what needs to be done to ensure the brochure seamlessly fits the rest of your branded materials, even if they’re not familiar with your brand that much. In other words, branding guidelines will ensure all your materials look and feel like they came from the same source!

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Expert Branding Ideas | You've Got A Logo, So Now What? 6 Tips For ...

Watch Your Language! | Expert Branding Ideas

What you say is important, don’t get us wrong, but so is the way you say it, so create a voice for your brand. We’re talking about the language, tone of voice, and even media you use to engage your audience. Is your brand casual and fun? Or professional and serious? Either way, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the same voice consistently whether you’re answering emails, talking to a prospect over the phone, sharing a Facebook update or writing a blog post. There are way too many photographers out there using a laid-back tone of voice on social media and a cold and formal tone of voice on their website. This will only confuse your audience and make you appear inauthentic.

Expert Branding Ideas | Website Design –

Build A Community | Expert Branding Ideas

In our age, it’s a lot easier to reach your potential clients thanks to the power of the Internet, but don’t bombard your potential clients with generic sales messages; instead, share content they’ll find useful, informative and entertaining, with an occasional discount offer thrown in. Share tips and tricks for a better session like what to wear, but also talk about the funny situations behind the camera and share bits and pieces from your personal life. This will allow your audience to get to know you a bit better and give them a sense of a personal connection, which will lead to brand loyalty, referrals and growth!

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