Expert Business Card Design Advice | 5 Business Card Mistakes You May Be Making (And Tips To Avoid Them)

Expert Business Card Design Advice | 5 Business Card Mistakes You May

Expert Business Card Design Advice | No matter the size of the business you’re running, having a professionally designed business card is vitally important for your success. At the end of the day, your business card is your calling card. It should be a tool that will get people to remember you and provide them with everything they need to contact you. But if your business card is poorly designed, has important contact information in unreadable fonts, or looks cluttered, chances are, it will be useless and will only lose you business.

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A business card is an essential part of any good marketing plan. For its size and cost, it’s probably the most effective part as well. However, there’s a good chance that if the look and quality of your card is shoddy or unprofessional, it may be thrown into the trash. Savvy, well-connected business people never leave their offices without a stack of well-designed business cards in their wallet or purse, but what exactly makes a business card effective? Read on to find out!

Include Only The Most Important Information | Expert Business Card Design Advice

Your business card isn’t a website, it’s a small piece of paper meant for networking, not telling the entire history of your business. Whoever is picking up your business card should instantly be able to find your website, email or phone number without searching for it. Think carefully about which contact details to include – you have to strike a balance between providing enough points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. Many businesses no longer include an address on their business cards, so if you’re strapped for space, you may want to remove this from your business card.

Expert Business Card Design Advice | 5 Business Card Mistakes You May

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Avoid Visual Clutter | Expert Business Card Design Advice

Simplicity is vital here. Business cards are usually just 3.5″ x 2″, so you don’t have too much space to work with. Don’t make your logo too big, don’t make the text too small to be comfortably read, and don’t be afraid to use white space. Avoid using a busy background picture that could detract from the overall message of your business card. You don’t want the words to be lost, particularly if the image has a range of dark and light colors that might make it difficult to adjust your font colors to be more visible.

Don’t Skimp On Paper Quality | Expert Business Card Design Advice

Consider the thickness of your business card. Thicker cards tend to feel more expensive – making your business appear more professional. After all, your business card may sometimes be the very first, and often the only impression potential clients will have of your business, so you don’t want them to be anything less than professional. A business card printed on paper thinner than 300gsm looks and feels rather thin, which can make them feel tacky and cheap.

Adjust The Tone Of The Business Card To The Tone Of Your Company | Expert Business Card Design Advice

A business card reinforces your brand by using brand elements, such as logo, colors and fonts. It is critical that your business card is consistent with your other branded materials. This helps to reinforce your brand image, helping potential clients remember you and your business better. If what you do is funny or entertaining, then no one is expecting a boring card from you, unless you write on the back “This is so boring! Come see how we do fun!”

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Expert Business Card Design Advice | 5 Business Card Mistakes You May

Stick To The Standard Size | Expert Business Card Design Advice

If you’ve ever thought about making your business cards larger, smaller, or even a fancy die cut to stand apart from your competition, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. The average business card size is 3.5” x 2” — which means wallets and business card holders are designed to accommodate this particular size. A round card, for example, is quite memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business-card holder devices. If you business card won’t fit into these items, it may get tossed in the trash — making you lose out on potential business.

Expert Business Card Design Advice | Website Design –

Having a strong, yet simple and easy to read business card design will portray you as someone who is professional, savvy and tasteful—someone that is enjoyable to do business with. Think about how you use other people’s business cards when you make decisions regarding your own. Do you get frustrated when you can’t quickly find the information you need? Or the type is too small to read? So before you begin your quest for the perfect business card design, keep these five tips in mind: information, brand, size, paper and design.

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