Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Discover 6 Secret Ingredients Of A Delicious Photography Logo

Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Discover 6 Secret Ingredients Of ...

Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Let’s face it – we live in a world painted with brand logos. Take a look around and you’ll notice them on our food packaging, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and billboards on our way to work. In an age when even kids recognize many logos, or at least can figure out what a business offers based on its logo, the need for an effective logo has never been higher. And the stakes are even higher for photographers.

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You’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, which means your logo should be able to effortlessly convey your unique business identity and style of photography. However, there are also other elements you need to pay attention to if you’re hoping to end up with a logo that works for you. It today’s article, we’ll go through the essential ingredients of every effective logo. Let’s get right to the good stuff!

Originality | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

There’s no point in investing in a logo design for your photography business if it’s going to be similar to the logos of other photographers in your particular niche or area. Logos are used to identify, it’s the public face of your business, so the last thing you want is having your logo mistaken for one of a competitor. So, when it comes to designing a logo, take a moment to look at the logos already out there and find a way to make yours unique. Pay attention to colors as well as the shapes and you’ll be on your way to creating a truly unique representation of your business.

Simplicity | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

Creating a logo is a great opportunity to let the creative juices flow and show what you’re all about, which can be both a curse and a blessing. Whether you choose to design a graphic to go with the name of your business, or come up with a custom font for the name of your business, you will need to keep it simple. Simplicity in design will allow your logo to be versatile and your potential clients will be far more likely to actually remember it.

Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Discover 6 Secret Ingredients Of ...

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It was Antoine de Saint Exupéry that said that perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away, and oh boy, was he right! If you can’t explain why you added a design element to your logo, chances are, it doesn’t belong there. Let “When in doubt, subtract!” be your mantra when designing a logo for your photography business, and keep to the bare minimum.

Readability | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

Even though this might sound like an obvious one, you’d be surprised how many business owners choose to use an illegible font in their logo. Think about it – your logo will serve as a representation of your business and it will be completely useless unless your potential clients can actually read it, without, you know, squinting! Don’t get carried away when tweaking an existing font or creating a new one for your business and keep readability in mind!

Versatility | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

Keep in mind that your logo will have to be just as effective on a business card as it would on a roadside billboard. In other hands, if your logo relies on fine print, you have a serious problem on your hands. In order to make your logo scalable to pretty much any size without affecting the quality, it’s best if it’s designed using vector formats. Unlike raster images, you can shrink down the vector or blow it up to any size, and your logo will still be just as crisps as the moment you designed it.

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Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Discover 6 Secret Ingredients Of ...

When it comes to making a logo versatile, file format is far from being the only factor that affects usability. Your logo needs to be able to convey your message when used in black and white, or only in one color. If it relies on color to communicate a meaning, think about the ways it can do it even when the color is removed. We get it, a five-color logo can be an absolute stunner, but when the time comes to have it printed on a few hundred business cards, the price won’t be as appealing.

Timelessness | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

Your goal when designing a logo should be a design that will last as long as your photography business. Just like fashion industry, logo design keeps changing and evolving, but that doesn’t mean you should have a new logo designed each and every time a trend gains in popularity. Sure, you want to make your logo appealing and relevant, but more important is coming up with a logo that matches the personality of your brand. Even when the time comes to redesign your logo, make sure it’s just minor tweaks. Instead of doing a complete rebrand, look for elements of your logo that can be carried over to the new design.

Expert Design Tricks Revealed | Website Design –

Memorability | Expert Design Tricks Revealed

A recent study shows that customers need to engage with a brand at least 5-7 times to remember it, which means you need to use your logo and use it often! Every piece of paper that leaves your office should feature your logo and every image you share on your website and social media should be watermarked with – you guessed it – your logo. Not only will you stop copyright infringement, but you’ll also build brand awareness and help your clients remember you and your business better.

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