Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Is Your Logo Losing Its Luster? 5 Tips To Transform Your Logo Design

Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Is Your Logo Losing Its Luster?

Expert Logo Redesign Tips | A strong brand is vital for the success and sustainable growth of any business. However, brands are far from being static, unchanging identities – the most successful brands live and breathe, evolving along with changing shifts, trends and demands in the industry. This means that having a current, up-to-date logo is vitally important. If your business already has a logo, it is crucial to regularly ask one question: “Does my existing logo portray the image that I want it to?”

Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Website Design –

THis year has been the year of celebration of creativity, artistic innovation and important design milestones. Also, we have seen tons of logo redesigns both from small and established international brands. More examples of logo redesign are out there than ever before, and with that comes the challenge of being different. How do you design something unique that stands out in a sea of identities? Rebranding or brand revitalization, when planned and executed well, can be an incredibly effective strategy for rescuing or reinventing a failing brand, jump-starting a stagnant brand, expanding your business, or growing your client base.

Know Your Audience | Expert Logo Redesign Tips

Designing a logo design isn’t just about creating a pretty visual, and so many business owners strike out because they don’t do their homework and research their target audience. Rather than following the crowd and using a cliche design, you should instead aim for something that is uniquely recognizable. Keep in mind that your logo has to appeal to your clients, and should be designed with your target audience in mind. You may be the most conservative person on the planet, but if you’re trying to grab the attention of the hip-hop crowd, your personal taste is probably different than those of your audience. A logo that you ‘like’ probably won’t appeal to them.

Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Is Your Logo Losing Its Luster?

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Keep It Readable | Expert Logo Redesign Tips

If people can’t read your logo, it’s pretty much useless. This may sound like an obvious advice, but it’s easy to get caught in creating letters or distorting a font until it becomes unreadable. If you choose to create a custom font, try not to make it too fashionable because it could date quickly. Keep it simple and legible. There’s no rule to say you have to design your own font; however, you can consider customizing an existing one. Removing, extending or joining parts of letters may be enough to make your font unique. When it comes to logo design, keep your font choices classic and simple, and avoid over-designing.

Avoid Trends | Expert Logo Redesign Tips

Your logo design is a visual representation of everything your business stands for. Has it become dated or taken a back seat to other images that represent your business identity? If this is the case, then an updated logo could help tell the story of your company’s evolution and paint a more accurate picture of what your business has to offer. This approach could help you get attract a lot of new clients that you may not attract with your current logo. It’s often hard to avoid trends, especially if you’re passionate and love to look at inspiring logos on design forums. However, it is vital to choose a logo that will stay as effective for 10 to 20 years, maybe even longer. That’s the sign of a good design.

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Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Is Your Logo Losing Its Luster?

The Issue Of Memorability | Expert Logo Redesign Tips

Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable, versatile and memorable. Good logos feature something unexpected or unique, without being “overdrawn.” Following closely on this principle of simplicity is that of memorability. An effective logo design should be memorable, which is achieved by keeping it simple, yet appropriate. An effective logo is easily recognizable at a glance, both in color and in black and white, and in any size. A good logo works as both a highway billboard and a Twitter avatar. If your logo relies on fine print, you have a problem.

Expert Logo Redesign Tips | Website Design –

Size Matters | Expert Logo Redesign Tips

Your new logo will be used in a variety of different sizes – particularly on the smallish side. Too complex logos can ‘gum up’ when reproduced as a very small image. Think business card design, fax header. Your logo should adapt well at any size, whether it’s huge on a truck or tiny on a badge, and vector formats are the ones that will provide you with most variations for your logo. Think of your logo as a mega-sized image as well. Like a billboard. Knowing how your logo is going to be used, both in size and media, can help your designer create a logo that’s appropriate in terms of complexity.

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