Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | 5 Tips For Designing Photography Websites Like A Rockstar

Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | 5 Tips For Designing Photo...

Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | When was the last time you visited your own website? If the answer is not “Today!” chances are, your website needs improving. Your website is your digital storefront – and it’s up to you if it’s a stunning showcase of your photography or just a mediocre website visitors abandon the moment it loads. At the end of the day, photography is a visual and an incredibly creative field, which means your website needs to be just as stellar as the pictures you take! We hate to admit it, but people do judge books by their covers. And your website is the cover of your every marketing move!

Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | Website Design –

Let’s be real – we research pretty much everything we consider purchasing or investing in. We google it, Yelp it and read countless reviews long before we decide to click download, schedule a meeting, or book a session. Do you think your potential clients are any different? If they’re in a need of a photographer, they’re probably googling the services they’re looking for, opening all the links and narrowing down their selection based on the first impression the websites leave. How will yours stack up? We’ve gathered some of the most effective tips that will help you come up with a website that grabs the visitor’s attention and makes them want to book you on the spot!

Flash Is For Portrait Photography, Not Your Website | Expert Photography Portfolio Advice

If you had a website designed for your photography business more than a few years ago, chances are, it’s based on Flash. Flash was a go-to technology for setting up creative, dynamic and interesting websites. However, nowadays Flash websites take forever to load, look like they’re trying too hard, and they’re actually ranking very poorly on search engines, because they’re essentially interactive movie files and there’s no text search engines can index. To put it simply, Flash, just like fetch, is never going to happen!

Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | 5 Tips For Designing Photo...

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Focus On Your Work | Expert Photography Portfolio Advice

We’re talking about a photography website here, after all, which means the number one reason most of the visitors come by will be your imagery, so give them that! While having a creative and attention-grabbing website is definitely your goal, you want to keep the design simple enough so the pictures you’re showcasing can stand out instead of being overshadowed by flashy design elements. If visitors can’t stop raving about the design of your website, yet barely mention your works, you have a serious problem on your hands.

Be Accessible | Expert Photography Portfolio Advice

We’ve been designing websites for photographers for over ten years now, and we noticed one thing pretty much every photographer overlooks: the importance of including the contact details. They usually focus on the design so much they either end up burying the details several clicks deep, or completely forgetting about them. However, if a visitor went through your portfolio and wants to schedule a session, will they be able to contact you? If you force them to click around mindlessly looking for your contact information, how long do you think it will take them to give up and look up another photographer?

You’ll want to feature the most important contact details on each page of your website, including the portfolio page, either in the footer or the header area – your phone number and your email address should definitely be there. It’s also a wise idea to set up a separate contact page with additional information, such as your physical address, or perhaps even a contact form that makes contacting you seamless and easy. And the best part – your potential clients won’t have to abandon your website to email you.

Keep The Navigation Simple! | Expert Photography Portfolio Advice

Never confuse your visitors! The last thing you want them is to focus on trying to figure out how to get from one place on your website to another; instead, you want them to navigate your website effortlessly and focus on your work. We’re all used to seeing the navigation bar with links to the most important pages at the top of each page, so give your visitors just that! Setting up unusual navigation will definitely spark the interest of your visitors, but also might end up frustrating them and forcing them to abandon your website.

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Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | 5 Tips For Designing Photo...

Start A Blog! | Expert Photography Portfolio Advice

We’re not talking about a blog like the one you started in high-school, swore to maintain it till the day you become the next Carrie Bradshaw and then forgot about it after a few months. We’re talking about the official blog on your website, not on a separate free blogging platform. While there’s nothing wrong with those, including a blog on your website will help you boost your search engine rankings and get more traffic coming your way.

Expert Photography Portfolio Advice | Website Design –

But it’s not just search engines that will appreciate a regularly updated blog – it’s your potential clients as well. Photographers hold a great deal of trust, and having an enjoyable and relatable blog on your website where you share industry tips and tricks, as well as bits and pieces about yourself, will help your potential clients feel like they already know you, which will make the actual session that much more enjoyable for them.

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