Expert Portfolio Design | Portfolio Dos And Don’ts For Photographers: Secrets To Successful Online Portfolios

Expert Portfolio Design | Portfolio Dos And Don'ts For Photo

Expert Portfolio Design | Your portfolio is one of the most powerful tools for getting you hired. In addition to your charming personality, your unflappable work ethic, and tireless pursuit of excellence, your portfolio is crucial to getting hired by agencies and clients. A strong portfolio opens doors, a weak one closes them. Your portfolio is usually the only thing a potential client sees before deciding whether or not to contact you, and in many cases you may not be present to explain it.

Expert Portfolio Design | Website Design –

To a potential client, you as a photographer are often only as good as your portfolio. They’re checking you out for the first time, and if you don’t impress them enough, you won’t get their work. There are some universal qualities that all successful portfolios share, and a variety of principals and techniques that can help take your portfolio from average to excellent. Assuming you do have some work, it’s crucial to organize it all in one place. Here are some expert tips that can help you design the perfect photography portfolio website.

Have A Clear Logo And Tagline | Expert Portfolio Design

Your logo is your brand; your tagline is who you are. In the short-attention-span internet age, you have to be able to grab attention and answer the question “why?” very quickly. In the Western world, we read from left to right, top to bottom, so it’s only logical to put your logo in the top left of your website so that visitors can instantly identify who owns the website. Once the potential client sees who owns the website, they’ll want to know what it is you do. This is where you explain what you do with a tagline. Your tagline should be short and snappy, summarizing what you do.

Expert Portfolio Design | Portfolio Dos And Don'ts For Photo

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Pick Only Your Best Work | Expert Portfolio Design

It may be tempting to include a lot of work in your portfolio because you’re probably thinking that it shows how experienced you are or how many clients you’ve worked for. However, experience doesn’t always translate to quality work. Don’t treat your portfolio as your backup folder, dumping everything you’ve ever done in it. Showcase a selection of your best and most recent work. Put in stuff you’re really proud of and you want to do in the future.

Consider Your Target Demographic | Expert Portfolio Design

Your portfolio has to appeal to your target demographic, whether it is a couple looking for a wedding shoot, or an agency looking for a commercial shoot. If your portfolio gives off the wrong image, you won’t attract any of the clients you want. The adage “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” applies to photography portfolios as well. If you want to shoot weddings, then make sure that’s exactly the type of work you’re highlighting on your portfolio.

Make Your Portfolio Easy To Navigate | Expert Portfolio Design

People’s attention spans are short. Your photography portfolio has to be fast and easy to browse. Even the best websites don’t mean jack squat if they’re difficult to navigate. If your visitors can’t get to your work examples easily or quickly be able to contact you, then it doesn’t really matter how great your work is: your potential client will potentially grow frustrated and try another website.

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Expert Portfolio Design | Portfolio Dos And Don'ts For Photo

Include Your Contact Info | Expert Portfolio Design

This is one of the most important elements of a portfolio website but is often hidden or even not included. A potential client has browsed your website, is impressed with your work and can see who you are. Now they want to hire you. The easier you make it for a visitor to contact you, the better the chance you’ll end up getting his or her work – and get paid, which is why you must have a contact information page. Include your all methods of contact on last page of your print-based portfolio as well. Remember, some clients prefer an actual phone call over trying to read through your portfolio so please leave also your phone number.

Expert Portfolio Design | Website Design –

The Power Of Testimonials | Expert Portfolio Design

If shopping on Amazon has showed us anything it’s that people love to know what other people think. If there is a chance for you to include testimonials from your previous clients, particularly clients from big brands, you must add them. It not only shows the clients’ recognition on your expertise, but also lets the potential clients know what they can expect from both your skills and work ethic.

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