Expert Portfolio Website Advice | 4 Pillars Of Effective Photography Websites – How Does Yours Stack Up?

Expert Portfolio Website Advice | 4 Pillars Of Effective Photograph...

Expert Portfolio Website Advice | Setting up a photography website is always a fun experience – after all, the photography industry is one of the most creative industries, and what better tool to showcase your unique artistic vision than your website? In fact, many photographers have already realized the importance of finding new and exciting ways to showcase their portfolios online. The days of generic, dull photography websites are finally coming to an end, and with that comes the challenge of standing out. Purchasing a template, setting up a website and forgetting about it for a few years will do nothing for your business.

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When done right, a portfolio website can be a photographer’s most powerful lead generator: not only will it showcase the best examples of your work, but it will also grab the attention of your target audience, allow a potential client to get to know you better, and provide them with everything they need to reach out to you the moment they decide to hire you. And although every photographer will set up a different website that perfectly conveys their brand, services, and style of photography, there are certain traits all effective websites have in common. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry and you’re setting up your very first website, or you’re just curious if your website could be doing a better job, you’ll definitely want to keep these vital traits in mind.

Your First Impression Will Often Be Your Only Impression | Expert Portfolio Website Advice

A potential client is checking out your website for the very first time, and chances are, they already have a dozen of tabs open, so if you don’t grab their attention the moment they lay their eyes on your website, they will abandon your website and move on to a website of another photographer. This is why it’s important you upload only the very best examples of your work – don’t force your visitors to go through absolutely every photo you ever took, because it will only make them feel as if your portfolio is dragging on and on.

Expert Portfolio Website Advice | 4 Pillars Of Effective Photograph...

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Another critical factor when choosing the images for your website is your area of specialization. If you’re a newborn photographer, for example, and you’re trying to grow your client base, including a high-fashion shot, no matter how stunning it is, won’t do you much good. Your potential clients care about one thing – what you can do for them, so make sure you only include the appropriate examples that will show your ideal client that you have all the right skills to do the job at hand.

Standing Out Means Being Different | Expert Portfolio Website Advice

Sure, there are very (and we do mean very) cheap web templates, and you may even think that using one will help you save money. Clever, right? Not necessarily. Keep in mind that these templates have all the telltale signs of amateur design, as they’re usually developed by amateurs or design students learning the ropes of design. Granted, there are some fantastic templates, but these are already being used by countless other photographers, some even in your area. If you use the same design as your competitors, how are you supposed to stand out?

Unleash The Power Of Simplicity | Expert Portfolio Website Advice

What most photographers will often do when trying to make their website stand out from the crowd is clutter it with useless design elements, endless intro animations, and cheap effects that will only detract from the impact of the work being showcased. In order to ensure your work takes the center stage, and not the design of the website, you’ll want to go with a simple website. Now, this doesn’t mean you should get rid of everything – even if you do have plenty of content, there are always way you can organize it in a simple and a structured way.

One of the most effective tools to achieve just that is white space. Now, this doesn’t have to be taken literally – the space doesn’t have to be white; instead, the term refers to a blank space, which will allow you break longer chunks of content, organize elements and emphasize important areas. And as if that weren’t enough, it helps your visitors focus and navigate your portfolio website with as little “friction” as possible.

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Expert Portfolio Website Advice | 4 Pillars Of Effective Photograph...

Don’t Make It Hard For Them | Expert Portfolio Website Advice

Another critical element every effective photography website is also one of the most frequently overlooked elements – contact details. You’d be amazed just how many stunning photography websites are out there with contact details hidden several clicks deep, or without any contact details at all. Think about it – a potential client stumbles upon your website, go through your portfolio and decide to hire you – how easy will it be for them to reach out to you? It’s your job to make sure they have all the information handy the moment they decide to pick up the phone, so include at least your phone number and your email address in the footer of each page.

Expert Portfolio Website Advice | Website Design –

Another website element that’s commonly in a desperate need of simplifying is the navigation bar. While you do want to come up with a unique and creative website, getting too creative with your navigation bar can backfire and do more damage than good. After all, web users expect to see the links to the most important pages at the top of each page, so give them just that. By keeping the navigation simple, you’ll allow your potential clients to focus on your work instead of trying to figure out how to get from one place to another.

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