Expert Portfolio Website Design | Four Vital Questions To Help You Set Up A Photography Website That Gets You Hired!

Expert Portfolio Website Design | Four Vital Questions To Help You ...

Expert Portfolio Website Design | The Internet has come a long since the very first website was launched less than 30 years ago. And it’s not just the aesthetics we’re talking about here. It wasn’t that long ago that well-designed websites were considered to be reserved for big shots only. Fast forward to today, and the situation is completely different – setting up a website for your business is no longer optional, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already built a solid business. In fact, it’s safe to say that the website has become one of the most vital business tools!

Expert Portfolio Website Design | Website Design –

Even brick and mortar stores can benefit from a website that features their inventory and important information, but the power of websites becomes even more apparent in industries such as the photography industry. Your photography website will act as a portfolio, but it can also be one of your most effective lead generators. However, not all websites are created equal. The truth of the matter is that most photography websites out there miss the mark and actually do more damage than good. So, how can you ensure your website performs well and grows your client base? To help you get started on the right track and build a solid online presence, we gathered some of the most important questions you have to ask yourself before designing your website.

Who Is My Target Audience? | Expert Portfolio Website Design

Clearly defining your target audience is one of the most important steps that will affect every aspect of your photography business, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it will affect the look and feel of your website. If your target audience are new moms looking for a newborn photographer, you’ll create a playful, colorful website that matches your style of photography and it is more than likely to propel your business. However, that same website would damage your business if your target audience were high-end fashion agencies. Think about the elements that will appeal to your ideal client and find a way to incorporate them into your design.

Expert Portfolio Website Design | Four Vital Questions To Help You ...

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Which Images Will Be Most Effective? | Expert Portfolio Website Design

You’re setting up a website to showcase your work, so it’s only natural you’ll need to pay special attention to the images you choose to upload. First of all, make sure you don’t confuse your website for cloud storage and upload absolutely every photo you ever took. Instead, go through all of your works and choose only the best examples that showcase your skills, style, and area of specialization. So, following the example for the previous point – there’s no need to upload fashion shots if you’re targeting new moms. A well-structured portfolio with a limited selection of examples will show your potential clients what you can do for them without overwhelming them, or making them feel as if your portfolio is dragging on and on.

What Is My Brand All About? | Expert Portfolio Website Design

Not only do you need to set up a website that appeals to your ideal client, but you also need to keep your brand identity in mind. Sure, your images will do a lot of talking, but it’s your job to ensure brand consistency if you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd of photography websites, and picking the right colors will help you do just that! A good rule of thumb is to stick to 2-3 colors: white, or a light shade of gray for the background, your main color, and the accent color.

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Expert Portfolio Website Design | Four Vital Questions To Help You ...

Do you have a particular color that’s associated with your brand and that you’re using throughout your marketing materials, both online and off? If there is, you should definitely use it as the main color on your website. Just make sure it compliments your work and allows it to stand out. On the other hand, you want a bold color that stands out to emphasize important elements, such as the calls to action (Book Now, Contact, etc.), and to guide the attention of the visitor. However, keep in mind that you need to use this color sporadically, so it will really stand out when a visitor sees it.

How Will My Visitors Reach Out To Me? | Expert Portfolio Website Design

The main purpose behind a photography website is to showcase a selection of your photos, sure, but it’s definitely not the only goal. Majority of photographers set up a website to book new clients and grow their business, yet, you’d be amazed just how many of them overlook one incredibly important element: their contact details. Think about it: a potential client stumbles upon your website, checks out your photos, and now wants to hire you. If you don’t make it as easy as possible to contact you, they won’t try too hard. Instead, they might move on to another photographer’s website.

Expert Portfolio Website Design | Website Design –

So, what’s most important? You’ll definitely want to feature at least your phone number and email address on each page, whether in the footer or the header, so a visitor can easily access your info the moment they’re ready to pick up the phone. You’ll also want to set up a separate contact page with all the other contact details a potential client might find useful. To add that extra punch, consider setting up a contact form as well. This will allow your visitor to email you without leaving your website, which means they might stick around longer and browse your website some more!

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