Expert Web Design Advice | Hate Your Photography Website? Your Clients Do Too! Here’s How To Fix It

Expert Web Design Advice | Hate Your Photography Website?

Expert Web Design Advice | When people realize they need something, whether that something is a brand new car, a pair of jeans, or the services of a professional photographer, they turn to the Internet and learn everything they can about the product or service they are considering buying. Eventually, that online research will lead them to your website and that is your opportunity to leave a great first impression.

Expert Web Design Advice | Website Design –

One of the rules of effective online marketing is not to annoy. So why is it that so many websites are still chock full of the elements that the visitors have bemoaned over and over? Think of your website as your virtual storefront. Your goal should be to boost the potential client’s experience when they visit your website, not cause frustration. While this may sound like common sense, there are still plenty of websites our there that do only one thing effectively: annoy the people that visit them. Here are six tips to get you on the right track to setting up an online photography portfolio your clients will love and securing those potential gigs.

Flash Is For Portraits, Not For Websites | Expert Web Design Advice

Adobe Flash is a tool that some website designers use to set up websites. Unfortunately, Flash takes a long time to load, it is not supported by all devices, and it often makes websites look overdone. Another problem with Flash-based websites is the inability to add keywords to your images alt tags. This makes your website very difficult for search engines to read, which will drastically affect your search rankings.

Expert Web Design Advice | Hate Your Photography Website?

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A Blog Will Do Wonders For Your Business | Expert Web Design Advice

Visitors want to learn about you, and in today’s world where people are performing in-depth research on their own before ever contacting a photographer, an ‘About’ page isn’t nearly enough to tell the full story. After reading through a sample of blog posts over a long span of time, visitors have a much better understanding of who you are, what you can do for them, what you stand for, and how you’ve grown over time. Blogging has huge benefits for search engine optimization as well. By blogging regularly, you’re continuously adding content to your website, making it ever expanding and hitting multiple keywords your potential clients may be searching for.

Getting Praise For Website Design? Think Again | Expert Web Design Advice

Technically, there’s nothing wrong with having a website design that gets a lot of compliments… if you’re a website designer. But you’re not; you’re a professional photographer and that’s what your website should communicate to your visitors. Your pictures are supposed to be star of the show, so don’t clutter up your website with useless design elements. If people notice the design of a portfolio website over the photography it showcases, that’s a problem.

Mobile Is King | Expert Web Design Advice

This is 2015 – everyone and their grandmother is browsing the web using a smartphone, tablet, or another type of mobile device. According to a recent survey done by Google, 48% of users said if a website didn’t work well on their smartphone, it made them feel like the business owner didn’t care about the clients. That statistic will surely continue to grow each and every year as more people stop forgiving businesses that don’t provide users with a fantastic mobile experience. The browsing experience should be impressive and consistent whether your visitors access it using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Your potential clients want a top-notch mobile experience, so make sure you can deliver it to them!

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Expert Web Design Advice | Hate Your Photography Website?

Be A Speed Freak | Expert Web Design Advice

Good photography is gold. Pictures that take forever to load are not. Instant gratification has become the new reality and, like it or not, our attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish. If your portfolio website doesn’t load in three seconds or less, not only will Google punish you by pushing your website further down in search rankings, you can also say goodbye to 40% of visitors.

Expert Web Design Advice | Website Design –

Make It Easy To Share Your Content | Expert Web Design Advice

If you are going to run a blog, make sure people can share it. The point of online marketing is growing your audience, engaging with them, and turning them into paying clients. If people can share your blog, this will lead new traffic to your website, which is exactly what you want. Including social sharing buttons make sharing easy for your visitors, as they don’t have to copy and paste your URL, shorten it, and compose a tweet. And easy social sharing options means your content gets more visibility, which means more site traffic, better search engine rankings, and more lead generation opportunities.

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