Expert Website Tips | The Pillars Of An Effective Small Business Website: Web Design Tips Every Small Business Needs

Expert Website Tips | The Pillars Of An Effective Small Busin...

Expert Website Tips | Of all the tools in the small business owner’s marketing arsenal, a website is one of the most important. A well-designed website can be the crucial difference that makes a client decide to stay, browse and purchase instead of moving on to a competitor’s page, yet so many small business owners struggle with the seemingly overwhelming chore of managing their website. There always seems to be so much to do, yet no time to do it all (something we know all too well). We hate to dash one of your childhood maxims, but people do judge books by their covers. And in web terms, your book cover is your website.

Expert Website Tips | Website Design –

When it comes to marketing your business, it is essential to ensure these days to have a striking online presence. And for that, setting up an appealing website is a must. Today, everyone turns to the internet to buy just about anything. Some even do their research online about a particular service or product before even consider purchasing it offline in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. If you don’t have a website for your startup or small business, you are not the only one. But you’re in serious danger of falling further behind your opponents.

Simplicity | Expert Website Tips

The world around us has become pretty cluttered and the web is no exception. Ads, banners, buttons, icons, signs, badges, pop-ups, and so on – sometimes it can all get overwhelming. So why not give your potential clients a break from all the noise and clutter? To keep visitors on your website, make sure pages do not have competing calls to action or visual clutter like lots of graphics, photographs or animations that would take the visitor’s eyes away from the most vital part of the page. To further keep clutter down, consider limiting the links and options in the header and footer to narrow the focus even further.

Expert Website Tips | The Pillars Of An Effective Small Busin...

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Readability | Expert Website Tips

When choosing fonts, keep in mind that people will be viewing your website not just on a laptop but on mobile devices as well. Some large-scale fonts may read well on a computer screen, but not scale or render well on mobile, losing the desired look and feel. Make sure your choice of font and font sizes are focused on readability rather than just design. There is no reason to publish website copy in a small font. If a website isn’t easy to read, there’s no reason for your potential clients to stick around for the additional effort. If you’re using Web fonts, try to use no more than two font families in order to ensure fast load times.

Calls To Action | Expert Website Tips

The most used calls to action are “Buy Now,” “Request a Quote,” and “Work With Us.” The best calls to action clarify what you are offering as opposed to forcing people to figure it out on their own. Make your call-to-action buttons so appealing visitors can’t help themselves. They simply have to click it. You’ll also want to make sure your call-to-action buttons stand out visually. One way you can achieve that is to give them their own unique color.

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Expert Website Tips | The Pillars Of An Effective Small Busin...

Content | Expert Website Tips

All the search engines scan a website’s content now – almost ignoring things like meta tags. The more content you have on your website the more the search engines can scan – but there is more to it than that: your potential clients like content as well. These days, the term industry leader means that you are actively sharing your practical experience with others. Whether it’s on your website or via a social media network like LinkedIn, sharing your practical advice and knowledge with others shows that you and your business know what you’re talking about.

Expert Website Tips | Website Design –

Responsiveness | Expert Website Tips

When the internet was in its infancy, there was only one choice for users who were trying to connect. It was desktop or bust if you wanted to browse the internet. That’s no longer the case, with users accessing the internet on desktops, tablets and mobile devices and 17.4% of global web traffic coming from mobile devices. Responsive web design enables you to have a single website that automatically fits the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. This is achieved by adapting the content, design, navigation and method of interaction to provide the same comfort and usability to the mobile user as to the desktop user.

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