Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | 5 Killer Tips For Selling Your Photography Services!

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | 5 Killer Tips For Selling ...

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | Starting a photography business nowadays is easier than ever – thanks to affordable and easy to use equipment, pretty much anyone with some extra cash on their hands launch a business. Running a successful business, however, is a completely different story! In a time when pretty much anyone can get exactly the same equipment and shoot at the same locations (every city has those spots all photographers flock to for their outdoor sessions), the challenge is no longer the equipment. The challenge today is standing out!

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | Website Design –

Not all hope is lost, however! Despite what marketing agencies out there would have you believe, standing out doesn’t have to be time-consuming, gimmicky, or even expensive. What it does need to be is authentic, creative, and smart! To help you hit the ground running and bring your A game, we gathered some of the most frequently asked marketing questions. Let’s dive right in!

Can I Target Everyone With My Marketing? | Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

Many photographers will accept pretty much any potential gig coming their way, especially when just starting out. This is fine in some cases, but when it comes to marketing, chances are you’ll be spreading yourself too thin. Think about it – how are you supposed to grab someone’s attention if you don’t know who they are? By casting a net that’s too wide, your marketing strategy will be more of a hit or miss tactic, which isn’t the best way to approach the most important aspect of running a business.

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | 5 Killer Tips For Selling ...

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So, what should you do? Before you do anything (and we mean anything!) you’ll need to take a moment to clearly define your ideal client – you need to be absolutely sure who they are in terms of age, gender, location, industry, services they need, and even income. This will affect not only the equipment you’ll need, but also where, how, and when you promote the services or the products you’re providing. It will also affect the tone of your voice, both online and off, and it will improve your chances of success.

Is Facebook Really That Important? | Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

Yes, yes it is! If you think that Facebook is still just a random website for your teenage daughter, you’re up for quite a surprise! With more than a billion users, it’s not just a social network you can use to connect with your friends and family – it’s a powerful marketing tool that will get you in front of countless potential clients. It’s your job not to bombard potential clients with sales messages, but to engage them in a meaningful conversation. Share tips and tricks, talk about funny situations behind the camera and let your personality shine!

Can I Use My Facebook In Place Of A Website? | Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

While being active on social media is vitally important for the success of your marketing efforts, relying solely on your social profiles to build a reputation of an established and reliable industry leader is a bad idea. A professionally designed website will reassure your potential clients that you’re taking your business seriously, but it will also serve as a portfolio that’s accessible 24/7 – a central hub of your entire online presence.

Is Email Marketing Spam? | Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

You’d be surprised how many photographers decide not to include email into their marketing strategies simply because they feel unsure whether their potential clients want to hear from them! Forget that! If you have a website up and running, you need to figure out a way to capture your visitors’ email addresses. The easiest and most convenient way is to set up a newsletter signup box and allow your visitors to subscribe.

Don’t spam them, though! Your subscribers are the people that like your work so much they want to hear more about the updates you might have, special discounts and other important information. They might not contact you right away to book a session, but they’re interested enough to stick around, so make sure each time you email them, there’s something of value in there for them. A good rule of thumb is not to send out more than a couple of emails a month, and even that is a stretch!

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Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | 5 Killer Tips For Selling ...

How Important Is Networking? | Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

While the idea of spending your off days in bed, curled up with a cup of tea and your favorite show might sound like heaven, you’ll still want to get out of your pajamas and get yourself out there! Attend networking events, conferences, hand out business cards and introduce yourself. Approach potential clients, and but also potential business partners. You’d be amazed how loyal to each other business owners can be once they really hit it off!

Frequently Asked Marketing Questions | Website Design –

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you’ll want to approach brides to be. However, you’ll also want to approach florists, weddings organizers, cake decorators, venue owners, and other business owners that are targeting the same audience as you are, but are providing non-competing services. Offer them a couple of free shots of their products, and let them know just how much you appreciate referrals. Just remember, if they do send their clients your way, make sure you return the favor and send your clients their way as well!

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