Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | 4 Must-Use Design Tips To Turn Your Business Card Into Your Best Marketing Tool

Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | 4 Must-Use Design Tips To ...

Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | You may think that social media and smartphones have completely replaced business cards, but wait till you’re shooting a wedding and one of the guests asks you to shoot their wedding as well and you have to type in all of your contact details in their phone, or dig through your camera bag searching for a pen and a piece of paper to write your phone number and your email. Business cards will allow you to instantly share all the important details with a potential client, but they’ll also reinforce your brand an boost exposure! Still think business cards are dead?

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Not all business cards are created equal, though. We’ve all seen many business owners, not just photographers, fumble in their pockets for their business card and explain with an apologetic smile they’re in between business cards, so they had to get temporary low-quality ones. Let’s face it, everyone present knows that’s not true, so you all smile awkwardly and hope someone would change the topic. Is that really what you want your business interactions to be like? If not, we put together a list of some of the most effective design tips to help you create business cards that will provide your potential clients with everything they need to know about you, act as conversation-starters, and accurately represent your brand!

Saved Money Isn’t Always Made Money | Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas

So, you need business cards for your photography business, and you just stumbled upon a free or a really cheap business card template, and if you type your details in there, not only will you have a new business tool, but you will also have saved some money. And they do say that saved money is made money, right? Well, when it comes to your business card, you will want to reconsider this. After all, your business card will oftentimes be the very first contact a potential client has with your business, long before they get to check out your portfolio, so you’ll want to make sure the impression it leaves is a favorable one.

Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | 4 Must-Use Design Tips To ...

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There are many drawbacks of using business card templates. First, they are usually designed by amateurs or design students trying to learn the ropes of the industry, and they have all the telltale signs of poor design. Second, even if you do stumble upon a good template, chances are it’s being used by countless other business owners, perhaps even your direct competitors. Even if your business card ends up in a drawer with a pile of other cards, you still want it to stand out and represent your business, not have it confused with a competitor’s card.

Start With The Most Important Element: Your Contact Details | Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas

Now matter how innovative or creative your business card design is, it won’t do you much good unless it does its primary job – provide your potential clients with your contact details. This is why, whenever we design a business card for a client, we ask for the contact details that will be featured on the card. This allows us to start with the contact details and build the design around them. It might not sound all that important, however, you’d be amazed how many photographers out there completely miss the mark and either include too many details, or don’t include enough.

If you have a lot of information you want to feature, you might be tempted to shrink down the size of the text to make everything fit neatly on your card. However, it’s usually a better idea to limit the number of details, because including too much information might make your card look cluttered and overwhelm your potential client. So, start with your name and the name of your business, as well as your phone number and the email address you’re checking most often. Your website needs to be there as well, and if you’re struggling for space, consider leaving out your physical address if you don’t own a studio.

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Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | 4 Must-Use Design Tips To ...

Simple Is Better | Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas

In addition to limiting the number of details you feature on your business card, you will also want to make sure the design of your card is simple enough to allow the content to take the center stage. Limit the number of fonts and colors to 2-3 max, otherwise your business card might end up overwhelming the potential client. Sure, you want to make it stand out, but not for all the wrong reasons! Remember, the goal of a business card is to provide your potential clients with your contact details, so they need to be able to read the info in one glance, not sit there trying to decipher your business card.

Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas | Website Design –

Invest In The Right Paper | Fresh Photography Business Card Ideas

Before you order hundreds of business cards, you’ll want to do your research and take a look at available paper stocks. This seemingly small detail can tell your clients a lot more about you and your business than you think. Think about it – what will a business card printed on paper that gets torn or dented easily tell your potential client about the quality of the services and products you’re providing? Don’t find out the hard way; instead, opt for a thicker, more luxurious paper stock that will portray you as a reliable, established business person.

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