Fundamental Business Card Guide | Hey! This Is Crazy, But Here’s My Business Card, So Call Me Maybe?

Fundamental Business Card Guide | Hey! This Is Crazy, But Here's My...

Fundamental Business Card Guide | We live in a time of being constantly connected – whether through Facebook or other social networks, email, newsletter, or text messages – and it’s not only with our friends and family that we communicate online on a daily basis. Long gone are the days when you could check your emails only at the office; nowadays we’re available pretty much 24/7 thanks to the powerful computers we’re carrying in our pockets all day long. However, no matter how advanced the technology has gotten, there’s still one communication tool that hasn’t been replaced: the almighty business card.

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Sure, a potential client can look you up on social networks, or google you, but unless you’re running a world-renowned business or you have a completely uniquely name, telling a potential client to google you and reach out to you can get messy pretty quickly. Imagine meeting a potential client while shooting a wedding, for example, and being asked if you were available to shoot their wedding. Will you dig through your bag for a pen and write your phone number on a napkin? Will they hold onto the napkin the entire night? Will you have enough time to ask for their phone to type in your contact details? Can you really risk missing an important moment because you where dictating your phone number to one of the guests? Isn’t it a lot easier to hand out a business card and go about your business?

Not All Business Cards Are Created Equal | Fundamental Business Card Guide

Not all business cards are equally effective – in fact, there are some business cards that might be doing more damage than good! So, what can you do to make sure your business card makes a potential client not only hang onto it, but actually pick up their phone and call you to book a session or inquire about purchasing a product? That’s exactly the question we’re going to try and answer today! Let’s start with a common mistakes many business owners make without even realizing they’re making a mistake – using cheap templates.

Fundamental Business Card Guide | Hey! This Is Crazy, But Here's My...

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There are countless websites and online markets where you can find incredibly affordable business card templates for less than you would pay for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, so it makes sense you won’t look anywhere else, especially if you’re just starting out. However, these templates might end up costing you much more than you think – they usually have all the telltale signs of cheap amateur design. Your potential clients are likely to see your business card long before they get to see your work, so we’re talking about your first impression here. Can you really afford to skimp on your first impression?

Stand Out! | Fundamental Business Card Guide

We don’t have anything against templates – in fact, there are some pretty darn good templates out there. However, even if you do manage to differentiate them from the bad ones, they still won’t be as effective as a custom business card would be. There’s a good chance that these templates are already being used by countless other business owners, perhaps even by some of your direct competitors. Your business card is bound to end up in a drawer full of other business cards, and you want to make sure yours stands out – which will never happen if you decide to use a cheap templates so many business owners are already using.

Be Deliberate With The Information You Include | Fundamental Business Card Guide

While designing a unique business card that stands out from a pile is definitely important in order to get the most out of your investment, keep in mind that its primary purpose is to provide people with important contact details. There’s a rather limited space on your typical business card, so you need to be deliberate with the pieces of information you feature there – start with your name and the name of your business. Then, add the phone number you’re most easily reached at, but also include the email address you check most frequently. Remember, not everyone prefers phone calls, so make sure you include an alternative.

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Fundamental Business Card Guide | Hey! This Is Crazy, But Here's My...

You can also include your social links if you use social media to promote your services and products. If you’re struggling for space, you can consider leaving out your physical address, especially if you don’t own a store or a studio and feature information that’s more relevant for your potential clients. Another thing you can leave out without affecting your business too much is your fax number. Think about it – how many faxes have you received in the past year? Let’s face it, a potential client is far more likely to reach out to you on Twitter than to via fax.

Fundamental Business Card Guide | Website Design –

Keep Things Simple | Fundamental Business Card Guide

The initial reaction most people have is to shrink down the text and fit all of the information on their cards, instead of leaving something out. This isn’t being clever – it’s actually more damaging than you think! While the text might be readable on your computer screen, it might turn into an illegible smudge when actually printed, so never go below 8 pts when it comes to the font, especially for the most important details. Don’t forget about the font itself – instead of using complex calligraphic fonts that are difficult to read, opt for a simpler, more readable font that will allow your potential clients to read your contact details effortlessly and instantly.

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